Chronic back pain
Backpain21 posted:
Hey i'm 19 year's old i have 2 fractures in my lower back the lumbar area..L4 and L5. I also have 2 bulging dic's and 1 pinched nerve from my leg to left leg. My spine is slightly curved also...they told me to stay away from sports ect. gym..but a year later no change so i decided to workout anyway i got good results but i'm hurting..from time to time i feel the pain everyday and i lost faith in idk what to do anymore
bj1208 responded:
Hi Backpain21 - welcome to the support group -

following doctors orders is vital as you have a lot going on with your back for as young as you are. Doing the wrong kind of exercises and/or doing them incorrectly can cause more damage to your spine issues.

Seeing the right kind of doctor is vital. You should see either a Orthopedic Spine Specialist or Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist. A current MRI (if over a year since last one) may need to be done to check to see what changes have taken place. They are the only ones that can properly read film reports, give a proper diagnosis and offer treatment plans.

please let us know what you find out~~
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