post op spinal fusion
hogan posted:
i.m a 56 year old male. i had a minimally invasive l 4/5 inter body fusion.
i,m 5 weeks post op and in one week will return to work. no leg pain at all
i can do a lot of things that i could,nt do before my procedure. i work in surgery, so i have to be on my feet for long periods of time. my director will work with me on that. i,m feeling pretty darn good! the only problem that i have, is laying down! no matter the position, i just can,t be comfortable enough to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time.
it takes a couple of pain pills to get me going in the a.m.
is anyone having this same problem?
thanks, vince
bj1208 responded:
Hi Hogan and welcome to the support group -

I had a single fusion (Anterior Lumbar L5-S1) done 2/08 and unfortunately even though my fusion was a success I have permanent nerve damage in both legs and severe chronic pains in my L5 plate area. I only sleep for a couple of hours and can only sleep on my left side. Sleeping on my right side causes more pains and if I sleep on my back I wake up crying and screaming in pain and my hubby has to help me up.

I use extra pillows between my knees when I sleep on my side. and the only way I can sleep on my back is if I am in a recliner - or I use lots of pillows in my bed so that I am in a reclined position. Hope this helps~~

I know that you work in surgery but returning to work after 5 weeks post op seems a little too soon as I was not released from my surgeon until 7 months post op and then I was referred to a Pain Management Specialist for physical therapy etc.

keep us posted how you are doing~~
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Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

~~ Joy ~~