back pain
dd1020 posted:
In 2001 I was in a car accident was treated but over the last 5 years
the pain has gotten worse sometimes I wish I would not wake up the pain can get that bad.Nothing the doctor has tried has worked I have gotten pain blocks injections pt and medication I am getting so depressed.I just
want to be able to raise my children and not be in so much pain I feel like it runs my life.Anybody that is dealing with this have any advise how to live life in pain?

Thank you
bj1208 responded:
Hi DD1020 - welcome to the support group -

those of us here are living in pain 24/7 - and the best thing I can suggest is to make sure you are seeing the right kind of pain management specialist - I see a PHYSIATRIST Pain Doc and he and his staff are really great.

They go deeper into pain management control based on patients need. They also have a great team of spine specialist they work with and can refer patients to them if needed.

I hope this helps - seeing the right kind of doctors is the best medicine there is so that proper diagnosis, treatments etc., can be done.

please keep us posted how you are doing~~
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