spinal stenosis
erika40long posted:
  • i have 2 herniated disks amd early sighns of spinial stenosis I'm in pain everyday of my life waitting to get into a pain management clinic it's taking forever my neurosurgeon specificaly said he wasn't going to give my percosets any more what should I do i'm in bed all the time with no life. And should I expect from the pain management clinic? Has anyone had that experience?
bj1208 responded:
Hi erika40long - welcome to the support group -

Yes, most of us have same or worse problems than what you are describing and it is horrible.

Do you have a appointment date set for your pain management visit? If so, discuss with your neurosurgeon to see if he/she can prescribe the meds til your appointment date. If not, then you may want to ask your primary care physician if he/she can do this. most times they will do this as long as you have a valid appointment made.

at your pain management visit they will review any records you have (MRI's, CT Scans, X-ray's etc - so bring those with you). They will examine you and look at how far you can bend forward/backward/sideways etc and will measure the pain based on this. They may order other tests depending on if they deem it necessary (EMG & Nerve Conduction Test etc) they may start you on steroid injections to see if this will help reduce pain and inflammation.

Hopefully this helps - please keep us posted what you find out~~
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