Mild nerve involvement
An_250929 posted:
I had an EMG over the past month and the results are that I have "mild nerve involvement" of my S1 to my pain. Surgery probably isn't required to fix it. What should be good news scares me. I've walked with a limp over the past two years and can spend only a limited amount of time sitting/standing. The pain is pretty much constant and I've been on Neurontin, Zanaflex, and Hydrocodone consistently since my spinal surgery. I've lost my job and am currently pursuing SSD. I feel stuck in the middle - unable to work (which I know because I tried to return to work for almost a year and was unable to do it and, like I said, I can't sit/stand for an hour) and I'm afraid this EMG result can prevent me from getting on SSD. I need advice and, probably, some comforting words of reassurance from people who've been here.
darlyn05 responded:
Without knowing anything further about your condition or what research you have done pertaining to SSDI, I will post a link for you that I found to possibly assist you.

Beings that you did already try to work and could not, hopefully noted in your discharge was mention of your condition being a factor, you may have a better chance than others.

Hope this helps.