hutin for certin
hurtinforsertin posted:
i'm a survivor of 30 foot water fall accident on inertube on the kern river , resulted in 9 surgery's arms lower back L3,4,5, fusion ,5 YRS LATER i'm still in pain unfortunitly, now i get regular massage ,accupuncer , yoga nothing seems to help have tryed almost evrything in pain releif pills and more pills , now smoking grass and it seems to help , alot ,but now worried about lung cancer , are there any more options
dianer01 responded:
Hi Hurtin,

Wow! Sounds like you have been through a lot.

I am glad you are finding some pain relief, have you tried cooking the marijuana into food? At least you can avoid all the unfiltered smoke directly in your lungs. You might need to do a little experimenting on how much you have to eat vs smoke. It may take a little to kick because it is absorbed differently than smoking.

good luck!