pain continues
charl1942 posted:
Has anyone ever had a steroid injection that the issue
became better after 10 days?
Debsbears responded:
Yes. It also says on my take home care sheet - that the injections can start working as early as a few days or as long as 10 days. Mine usually start working in 7 days, then I schedule to have a few more done about 10 days later.

Until my muscle relaxers fully kick in I am getting steroid injections in my neck muscles I am going back next Wed. for more. Mine are just trigger point injections with steroids.
charl1942 replied to Debsbears's response:
Thanks Debsbears.

I thank you for trying to help, but I wanted to know if anyone was better after 10 days.

I past the 10 day mark and the doctor's office said after consulting with the doc that I still could get better as a result of the injection. I really don't think I have.
trs1960 replied to Debsbears's response:
To be honest. They say that steroids may take up to two weeks most of mine have given their best relief within days. I had some releif as long as ten days so don't give up. You have to believe in them T
Debsbears replied to trs1960's response:
Thanks TRS 1960 Mine are working in most of the areas she had done - there are 3 spots that need another shot so I'll be going on Wed.

Over all there has been much improvement in my neck. It is now my facets that are being a pain in the neck - pun intended. Deb,