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    Infuse Bone Graft Problems
    jonwell posted:
    I am a year post op from a L3 L4 L5 S1 spinal fusion using titanium scews, rods and cages with INFUSE BONE GRAFT material made by Medtronics. I have done reasonably well as far as pain levels, but have been seriously ill with general poor health ,fatigue ,loss of sleep and appetite. Doctors have done a full battery of tests, blood work, catscans, chest xrays, heart tests, and the hemotologist has ruled out anything related to blood disease, except that the white blood cell count has remained elevated. Recently the surgeon agreed with the hemotologist that there could be a bone infection or rejection of the INFUSE Bone Graft material. Has Medtronics found any instances of this occurring. I have been extremly sick since shortly after the surgery.for over a year.
    davedsel responded:
    Hello and welcome.

    Someone may reply with specific knowledge about the Medtronics Bone Graft Material, but be aware that health care professionals no longer reply to these posts.

    Have you tried contacting the Medtronics company? Look them up on the internet and they most likely have a website.

    I pray you can get answers and relief soon.

    Debsbears responded:
    I am sorry for the problems you are having - not to panic you but google or bing Infuse bone graft into the search engine and you will see a lot of info on the very subject, as well as many lawsuits against Medtronics regarding the material used.

    When my neurosurgeon did a 7 vertebrae fusion on my neck he used my own bone he removed and ground it down to fill in where bone growth needed to go, then ordered me a cervical bone growth stimulator I wore for 4 hrs a day for 6 months. I am completely fused and no hardware remains - I had 2 rods and 12 screws holding my neck together - my pain in my neck is due to muscle problems. My surgeon said the best way to avoid infections is to use my bone not artificial that way I can't reject it.

    I do hope you get better I will put you on my prayer list.
    InFused2003 responded:
    Jonwell, Regarding your post 4weeks ago, you should check out the June 2011, Spine Journal article by Dr. Carragee. I was surprised to see you had 3 levels fused. Infuse is known to cause swelling, in some cervical cases fatal due to high dose causing blockage of airway. Have you had any good news or new info in the last month? My SED rate was high and had "gas" pockets in surgical area. No explanations it just faded, I think the surgeon put me on antibiotics, that was 10 years ago, and I'm still looking for answers. Stay connected, Tim
    jonwell replied to InFused2003's response:
    Thanks Infused,
    This issue is becoming an issue that is very hard to deal with and there seems no resolution in the near future. I will try to find the article you pointed out..

    God Bless
    InFused2003 replied to jonwell's response:
    There is so much to say on this issue, and far more questions than answers. It is my hope that thru this or some other forum those of us effected can share info. Dr.s in my case don't know about the side effects or are so pleased with infuse they are biased. I'm a newbie on this forum, and don't know the best way to share the info I've found since becoming aware infuse may be the reason I had such a terrible recovery, two revision surgery attempts, new pain in legs, nerves surging, and so on. Google "TS June 2011 Carragee" and "Yale infuse study" completed June 18, 2013. We are seeking the same thing, a Dr. that knows what to do. I'll let you know if I find useful info. Please let me know if you find answers.
    Stay connected, Tim. P.S. we have to keep a positive attitude. There are solutions, and ways to cope. It's not easy, but your pain will follow your attitude. Upset, mad, those dam kids, can increase my pain quite a bit. Positivity goes a long way. I sincerely hope God blesses you with resolution. Tim
    jonwell replied to InFused2003's response:
    Hello INFUSED 2003,
    I have read so much on this issue , it is becoming to much to digest. Three of the 5 doctors I am seeing seem to agree that everything points to rejection of the INFUSE material. But they haven't been able to tell me how they can prove this. As a side note, the surgeon said "We can always take it out" and I asked "then what". That would put me right back in the situation that required the 3rd surgeery to begin with. Without the surgery my spinal cord was becoming compromised due to disk failure. Sadly, the surgeon didn't give me the option of INFUSE or as in the previous 2 surgery in which they use material from my hip both of which had great success. Sadly the disks above and below the 2nd surgery were beginning to failed and collapse could have resulted in paralysis. And still a year post op I am having to deal with the symptoms that I described earlier. I literally feel as though I am slowly dying. Chronic fatque, short of breath, lack of appetite, can't sleep, no energy to do even the simplest of tasks. Several doctors have run every test you can imagine. My WBC and several other indicators remain elevated but everything has been ruled out except that an infection in my body is nindicated and the culprit seems to be rejection or attacking the INFUSE BONE GRAFT, I have been dealing with Pain issues since my original injury in 1999, and if my pain level never went below what it is now (5-6)I could deal with that, but not know what I am dealing with now is very depressing, frustrating ,ect. Thanks to all who offer advice..GOD BLESS John
    rkmatasich responded:
    I am interested if you are still having these issues. My husband had the lumbar surgery in march 2013 and is having a multitude of problems, severe fatigue, chest pain, nausea, pain in legs and back, testicular cysts. he has been off work for almost 3 months now, was wondering if anyone else has had these issues with the Infuse Bone graft?? they are working him up for lupus, polycythemia vera, cancer.....still looking for diagnosis!! Any information would help!!

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