back pain
mogo51 posted:
Most of the comments here seem to be at least 3 years old I wish I had read them before undergoing my back surgeries (2) over past 3 years - I would not have proceeded. The success rate is just not high enough and nothing like the 'success rate' that was thrust at my by my surgeon.
I am in Aussie and it cost $80k both surgeries, mine was covered excpet for hospital excess.
My last one 8 months ago has caused me great pain after initial improvement, I went down hill and have seen this has happened to others. I great horrendous thigh cramp pain and hip pain of an evening which wakes me up. I exercise (mainly in the pool) can only walk short distances, stand or sit for long time causes pain etc. all that others have reported here.
I would say to anyone considering such an operation, give it a lot of consideration and if you can avoid it do so.
bj1208 responded:
hi and welcome to the support group -

yes some posts and responses are over a year old or older but there are lots that are current. posts that have more than 10 responses tend to go back a few years

i'm sorry you had to have back surgeries - I've had one fusion (L5-S1) done in 2008 and am getting ready for my 2nd. Fusions are done when the disc is damaged and the only option is to have it removed.

let us know a little more about yourself and your surgeries. we are mostly here in the US but would be willing to try and help you
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