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    Fingers Crossed For Tim
    aprilrose9 posted:
    Hope all goes well with the pain pump and you get great results. Can't wait to hear good results.
    Good luck!
    davedsel responded:
    I wholeheartedly agree!

    Great to see another post from you, aprilrose9. Hope you are doing OK.
    Click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    aprilrose9 replied to davedsel's response:
    Hi Dave,
    How kind of you to ask...thank you!
    After a bit of negotiation with my pain doc, had a small increase in my medication and have been able to do more than I have in many years.
    Being able to sleep and getting out and about has been a dream.
    Hope you are well.

    trs1960 responded:
    I've been wondering how you are, where you are? It's so great to hear from you. It will be awhile yet. I expected to get contacted this week for the trial. I will start calling Monday.

    I reduced my meds down to 30%, but I've had so much stuff going on I just can't get lower. I think if I had a date to shoot for I could build more I eternal strength and cut to 15% and then zero!

    Thanks guys
    aprilrose9 replied to trs1960's response:
    Keep us posted about how things are progressing. Many of us feel concerned about how you are doing and can't wait to hear how things are moving forward.
    You are so strong and focused, I hope this makes a good change in your life. I am guessing many would agree...if the pain is under control, it makes life easier in many ways.

    trs1960 responded:
    July 22 I have the physc consult. Aug 15th. I have the anelgesic trial. If all goes well we'll schedule the pump install ASAP.

    tuloud54 replied to trs1960's response:
    Good morning, Just wanted to let you know that they gave me three different drugs during my trial. Dilaudid,fentanyl and morphine. Between the 3, dilaudid was clearly the winner. My Dr was surprised as I had been on the Fentanyl for years. I had a clear winner between the 3 meds. I hope you find one that will give you just a little more relief then the others. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to pick one but believe me that if one works better you will know it quickly. God speed my friend. I will be moving to Las Vegas in a month and just found the Dr to refill my pump every 2-3 months. I was actually afraid to move from Florida because my pump has become such a gift to me and was scared I'd have to beg for help! The stuff we tell ourselves!Lol. I hope this works the way we all want it too for you. Tom
    trs1960 replied to tuloud54's response:
    Yes, my doc told me three is the typical dosing. It's the same drugs they'll use in the pump.
    bj1208 replied to trs1960's response:
    Hey Tim -

    I hope everything goes well for you - how are you doing iwthout any pain meds? I haven't been around as my computer is acting strange and most times cannot get it started.

    good luck~~
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~

    Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    trs1960 replied to bj1208's response:
    Eh... I can do it, but its no joy ride!
    trs1960 replied to trs1960's response:
    This sucks. I'm broke and scraping pennies together. Too many years of expensive treatments, scripts and lost promotions.

    Well I've always been good with my hands so when things would break I would fix them. Let me just say that I've over done it. I had to take some morphine and thought it would kick my but. Two hours later I can barely tell I took a large dose.

    I still have almost a month before my test to even decide about the pain pump.

    I was watching Elementary tonight and it was an episode of an angel of death. He said he killed people that were left trapped in bodies full of pain with no hope. How true that seems some times I sure hope the pain pump helps, I don't know how long I can keep faking that I'm alive?

    I know a lot of this is because I way over did it this week. Things keep breaking and I can't afford to hire a fix it man!

    tuloud54 replied to trs1960's response:
    You sound exactly like me a year ago. No one can endure unrelenting pain indefinitely. I often wonder what people did 300 years ago when pain became too much! Try and hang on for tomorrow even though today sucks! It will get better. When you get exhausted it takes all our energy just to try and cope. You can and will do just fine but just not today. Been there,done that. God speed.
    An_250887 replied to trs1960's response:
    Hi Tim,
    Your friends here are behind you. Take care.

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    try yoga for sure the positions and stretches help alot. u will feel relief but do not stop just continue doing it More
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