sudden neck pain
Anon_54262 posted:
Started getting pain in my neck, high, near base of my skull on right side. I can rotate my head from side to side fairly well, but up/down kills. Coughing, or bending down, or pushing on my neck hurts. induces a sharp pain also. I cannot sleep at night due to the pain - getting up every hour. These symptoms just started randomly, and I was not doing anything out of the ordinary - no fall, exertion, etc. I have tried an ice pack, helps for little while. I don't know what to do! Help.
davedsel responded:

I'm sorry, but it is both impossible and against the rules in all WebMD communities to offer any type of diagnosis or medical advice.

You need to see a doctor for evaluation or treatment. If cost is a factor, search for a no cost or low cost clinic in your area. If you pain is extreme, then go to a hospital emergency room. You can not be denied treatment if unable to pay.

Ideally, you would start with your primary doctor and then if he/she needed to refer you to a spine specialist you would see a spinal orthopedic surgeon or spinal neurosurgeon. You need an MRI or CT scan of the area for proper diagnosis. Then the doctor will recommend a treatment plan.

I pray you can get the treatment and relief you need soon.
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