Leg cramps after surgery
Bethysmommy posted:
Hi. I am 37 yrs-old and have had an L4 L5, L5 S1. I am 3 weeks pist up. Although the original disks pain is gone, within the last week I've neen struggeling with horrible lower leg, knee, & foot pain. I've been walking. So I trulu believe it's not caused by that. What I tried tonight are menthol medicated strips over the counter with a heating pad underneath them. This actually seemed to help. I was floored by how many people experience this post-op, but can't figure out why my surgeon never mentioned this, & just told me to walk more. I'm actually walking a decent amount. I can't understand why with SO many people literally suffering from this, why no medical professional has a real answer. I'm getting enough potassium (I know this from my food log in my fitness pal program.) I'm thinking I will try the magnesium supplments next. Just seems too coincidental that so many people are experiencing this. Wish someone could find the answer & solution! Thanks for reading.
bj1208 responded:
hi and welcome to the support group -

hopefully the supplements will help. if you still have pains you may want to see a pain management specialist - I see a PHYSIATRIST Pain Specialist


They would be able to test you leg(s) to determine if this is still a healing process or if there may be some nerve damage.

please let us know what you find out~~
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