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Microdisectomy questions and natural pain killers
manwithacane posted:

may 13: I had a very painful case of sciatica and foot drop caused by L5 herniation. Tried epidural shots and 5 weeks of p therapy, but turned to microdisectomy surgery on July 1st.


1) I'm still in pain (Aug 4) even though I had my microdisectomy 5 weeks ago. It's down my left leg and is worse in afternoons. Did anyone else recover, but only after long period? Will I ever be able to triathlon again like I used too?

2) I have left leg atrophy (my left leg is much smaller/weaker than my right). What could cause this? Could I have had a herniation for years (pounding on that nerve), but only felt it three months ago? I hope to see a neurologist once I heal a bit more from surgery.

3) What are the best over the counter or natural painkillers for nerve pain, sciatica, ?
dianer01 responded:
Hi and welcome.

I really can't answer #1 because I had relief almost immediately after the disectomy. You probably want to talk to your surgeon.

#2 I also have atrophoy in one leg and it took time but I was able to bring the strength back to that of the other. There is still a noticeable difference in size.

#3 I don't want to sound like a broken record but this one you will want to talk to your doc about. Things like ibuprofin or acetominiphin often don't help nerve pain much. Nerve pain is different than muscle or joint pain. There are several prescription meds which help some people find relief. I was on Lyrica for the better part of a year after my fusion and it helped a lot.

my best to you.
trs1960 responded:
Opium is natural...NSAIDS will kill you if you take them long enough.

Narcotics are illicit drugs opiad pain meds are medicine that may allow to obtain quality of life.

The current addiction rate of chronic pain sufferers is about 7%. So over 93% of us that use opiads for pain management do not become addicts.

It's great to respect the drugs, but many doctors feel NSAIDS are more deadly than Tylenol!

trs1960 replied to trs1960's response:
I mean Tylenol is more deadly than morphine. There's a Dr Adams that wrote a book on this. I have a copy, but can't find it

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