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    Wonderful Wednesday Moaning
    davedsel posted:
    Good morning, everyone.

    It may be a wonderful Wednesday, but I am still moaning. The rain is just starting to move out of our area, but the humidity continues. Currently is is 71 degrees, partly sunny but the humidity is 91%. That is very humid. I am very thankful our tiny cape cod home has central air.

    Today at 1:00 pm our eldest son is finishing his application with the local ITT Tech school. He will graduate in 21 months with an associates degree in Network Systems Administration. The tuition is high, but more than half is covered by financial aid and he will take loans for the rest. The school has a very good job placement rate and he will get a lot of hands-on training. He will continue working full time at the convenience store while doing 3 classes per week. It is an excellent program and we are all excited. Being that he is almost 24, he is considered an independent student and is eligible for a bit more financial aid than if he went in as our dependent. His 22 year old brother is still undecided on his career path and is continuing to work full time at the same convenience store.

    After our eldest finalizes his application, we are going out for lunch to a Japanese restaurant and then the chiropractor. Busy day and I will be glad to get back into my recliner this evening. LOL

    Have a blessed and wonderful Wednesday, friends.
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    bj1208 responded:
    Moanin Dave, Deach, Di and everyone -

    Well I did it yesterday~~Ugh!! Weeds were taking over my flower bed and I was tired of waiting for DH to do it so I watered the grown real good and got on my gloves and started pulling weeks - enough to fill a kitchen glad trash bag!! I knew I would be sore so what do I do??!! I get in the pool and do my water aerobics which consists of walking all different ways in the shallow end.I then proceeded to lay on raft and catch the sun rays. It was windy so you really didn't get the full affects but I did get a nice tan!!

    DH came home from work as I was just getting in shower - he had to go over to friends' house to help replace part of privacy fence around their hot-tub. After I showered my back really started to talk to me so I lay down on bed with heating pad on and fell asleep. I awoke to my phone ringing at 9pm - DH was on his way home. Our friends had fixed him dinner but I guess I missed dinner here (DH's niece and her hubby and their 6 yrs old are staying with us til Oct 1st) had fixed dinner and either they tried to wake me or just didn't - no messes in kitchen!!

    Anyway the heat advisories are still in effect til after Labor Day - we are in the upper 90's with heat index of 105 til I think Tuesday then we drop back into the upper 80's.

    Boy Dave - the humidity is so bad where u are and plus where we are - I've told my PA and Pain Doc that I don't know which is worst - Summer Humidity or Winter Humidity -It's just plain simple - humidity increases pain levels so much and it doesn't matter what you do you can't reduce pain levels.

    I really hate having people stay with us. DH's father (DH's niece is granddaughter) had a bad episode with Sundowners 1 1/2 months ago and lunged at his niece and hit her in the chest! So it was agreed that father would stay with DH's sister (his daughter - still with me?! LOL) well her and her husband couldn't stand having him there after a week and decided to put him in a retirement center - not nursing home - and he lasted a week there - throwing fits worst than child. So now father is staying with his oldest sun (DH's bro) and has been there about 3 weeks now. He's doing ok as DH's bro's place is a small 2 bedroom duplex so bro is always there watching father.

    I know it sounds mean but we have decided on a little white lie by telling DH's niece we are putting our house up for sell. We've gone as far as looking almost every day at houses and have a real-estate agent lined up. We are tired of looking of having people here and just want it to be US - Is that so bad?

    Anyway - hope everyone's pain levels are down - Keep stress levels down too!!
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~

    Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    davedsel replied to bj1208's response:
    Hi, Joy.

    No, you are not bad at all for wanting time together for just the two of you.

    I understand about the weeding. My favorite hobby has always been gardening. Most of our front yard is perennials, ground covers and mulch. We have many different gardens around our little property and a beautiful pond my wife, eldest son and a good friend dug in October 2010. We have been working together to keep things fairly presentable. Little be little we have gotten around most of the yards. I use my cordless electric trimmer in between the plans, plus we sprinkle rock salt, powdered pool shock or spray with herbicide. The thick mulch helps as well. It is worth the effort and pain as we enjoy our gardens so much.

    Here is a recent picture of our pond:
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    aprilrose9 responded:
    Dear Dave,

    Your pond is stunning! If this pond was in my yard, I would try to visit once a day to enjoy the beauty.

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