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Back,legs,even foot pain!
An_253366 posted:
Eight years ago I needed emergency back surgery,L4L5. But It just got worse. A doc gave me a fusion, and he saved my life, but I wasn't cured, I needed daily pills of Opana(40ER,twice per,10ER, twice per, and 10IR, up to 5 times per day.)About three months ago I was lifting a motor off a shelf and as I twisted to put it on the ground a horrible pain hit me so hard and quickly that I dropped the motor on my foot, turning most of the bones in three toes into very small pieces.Itold a new Orthopedic doc that before this latest incident I could lay on my back to get some relief but now even that is gone. He didn't even seem to believe me. He never showed me the MRI he ordered but only said, through his nurse who called me, that it "was not surgically repairable". I got a copy of the MRI photos and it looks like not all my spine is there-not high enough.The pain management doc told me that I have nerve root damage. I'm wondering if that ortho doc missed this test, because he was looking for things in the L4L5 region. I'm also wondering if nerve root damage can be seen on an MRI - the best way it was explained to me is that it's like copper wire missing some of its plastic cover. My other worry is that this is a work comp case,and even though I have legal help. I'm just worried that not enough testing is being done. One day I don't want to feel pain.
davedsel responded:
Hello and welcome. I am sorry you are in so much pain and fully understand.

IMHO, you need at least one more opinion from either a different spinal orthopedic surgeon or a spinal neurosurgeon. Read through the Tip at the top of this WebMD Back Pain community that lists recommended steps for diagnosing and treating back pain.

I am glad you have legal help with your wc case. My wife had a back injury at work in 3/2011 and is permanently disabled. The wc laws are extremely complex and really do not favor the employee. You need a good lawyer that will fight for your benefits. Under wc, you can get several opinions and see whatever doctor you choose.

Keep doing your research. There are links to websites that have good information about spinal problems and treatments within that Tip.

I pray you find answers and relief soon.
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bj1208 responded:
Hi and welcome to the support group -

You can click on my name or pic and read my story -

I had a fusion - L5-S1 done 2/08 - the fusion took and it was 100% healed - however pains and nerve damage seem to follow with some fusions. My disc blew and splintered pressing on both nerve roots left and right legs. my pains became worse than before surgery and the nerve roots in both legs kept getting worst.

Nerve damage normally does not show on MRI's or CT Scans. Sometimes they can be visible on Myelograms (painful text) or a much easier test (uncomfortable) would be an EMG and Nerve Conduction Test (2 tests) which will show if there is any nerve root damage and which discs are associated with it.

Hi Matt - welcome to the support group -

all of us here feel for you and your pains - we've all been there and most have done that! LOL

At night try using more pillows - under your knees when sleeping on your back and between your knees when sleeping on your sides - this will help keep the spine more straight (extra pillow behind your head - kinda reclining position).

You may want to see if you can get into physical therapy too - these should go hand-n-hand with steroid injections as the injections will help reduce inflammation and also help reduce pains - making it better for physical therapy workout.

taking ibuprofen ea tab is 200mg - can take up to 4 at a time, if needed but not to go over the 4000mg daily dosage allowance.

Ice treatments are better but there are also heat patches CVS and Walgreens - carry this one that peals off and you stick on the area - gives up to 8 hours relief. this may help when you are in class.

if the steroid injections do not work there are quite a few other treatment options available - just remember surgery should always be the last resort because once done you can't go back and have it undone.

These are just a few things to help - i'm sure other members will have more to chime in - also at the top of this site is a push pin post of some sites to research and do's and don'ts
that should help.

This will help explain the test - believe me I have this done once a year and I would rather have this done instead of the Myelogram test.

Dave gave you great advise, as always and as he said - it would be a good idea to get more opinions of what's going on with your back. either a Orthopedic Spine Specialist or Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist

It's also best to see the best (IMHO) pain management specialist. I see a PHYSIATRIST Pain Specialist -

they go deeper into pain management control based on the patients pain levels, where they are and best treatments options.

As you stated this is a Work Comp Claim - Did you file a work comp claim? if not do so ASAP - I would also hire a Work Comp Attorney - one that handles work comp claims only. Work Comp Insurance only protects the Company and not the employees. The attorney will look out for you best interest.

Hope this helps - let us know what is going on and if you have other questions.
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Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

~~ Joy ~~

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