pjpoulton posted:
Hi there. I have been diagnosed with (blah blah) persistent right S1 radiculopathy and I am being scheduled for a L5-S1 micro diskectomy.

my question is which exercises should I be doing in the meantime? I don't want to aggravate the nerves or the disc any more but I want to be in better shape for the surgery so I go in with a better chance of healing faster. I am not that out of shape but I have lost a lot of my original muscle mass and gotten soft around the middle now.
davedsel responded:

I think your wisest course of action would be to discuss this with your surgeon. He/she knows your full medical history and current conditions and what type of exercises would be best for you. I do know that anyone who is able can walk for exercise, so that would be a good option for sure.

Please update us after you have had your surgery.

I pray that your procedure is successful and you get the relief you need soon.
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tlh509 responded:
I agree with Dave. But I was able to find some great back exercises here on webmd. Hope this helps. Good luck and keep us posted!! I too suffer from radiculopathy.