Degenerative Disc Disease & Swelling
lionbaby73 posted:
Over 2yrs ago I was dx'd with degenerative disc disease of the cervical & lumbar spine. I had a laminectomy on my lumbar & a series of 3 shots on my cervical. Well, the laminectomy didn't help much and it still feels like it is not fully healed. Anyhow, my concern is that for a while now I have been getting a lot of swelling on my neck and it's very painful & my skin gets really hot in that area. My neck & arm mobility is very limited. I feel the pinching & pain going down my arms and my right hand is very swollen and I'm wondering if my spine is contributing to this swelling. I know for a fact the arm pain is related to the spine because I've had it before but the swelling and heat is concerning to me. I'm taking naproxen & ibuprofen but it's really not helping.
davedsel responded:
Hello and welcome.

I am sorry you are experiencing this. I fully understand.

Sounds like you may need updated diagnostic testing and a visit with a spinal specialist. You can read through the Tip at the top of this WebMD Back Pain Community that lists recommended steps for getting back pain diagnosed and treated. Within that thread are links to websites that have good information on spinal problems and solutions.

I pray you can get answers and relief soon.
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