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Trying to narrow down pain: upper buttocks, leg, lower back.
99miles posted:

Looking for help in narrowing down the source of my pain.

I'm a healthy 35, and bike about 12 miles a day, year-round.

This started about a year ago. I can really only remember one day when I essentially didn't feel it at all.

It's worst when I get up in the middle of the night and in the morning. It generally subsides for the most part after I'm up and about for a bit in the morning.

I sit at a computer all day, but it doesn't bother me then. I can feel it when I bike, but it's not too bad. Activity generally makes it feel better (at least at the time), as opposed to many things I read where symptoms are worse during or after activity.

The symptoms:
  • The easiest way to feel it is with a straight leg lift, with standing or laying down. When my right leg to to about 30 degrees, I feel extreme tightness in the back of my leg just above the knee (towards the center to outside), and in the upper buttocks, towards the center of my body. Again, it feel like muscle tightness as opposed to nerve pain.

  • Sometimes the pain goes into my lower back a little bit, but it's not as bad there.

  • The only thing I get that feels like a nerve issue is in the arch of my foot on the same leg. It's not pain as much as a sensation. It's triggered by certain positions, and isn't continuous.

  • If I do a motion where I push my stomach area out, and my butt back, then slowly reverse that, I get some pain in that same lower back area but mainly in that same upper buttocks area I mentioned earlier. I'm not sure if this is muscle pain or nerve pain, it's hard to tell.

My doctor initially thought it was piriformis. He gave me a couple prescriptions, which essentially didn't help. He also sent me to physical therapy for 6-weeks, which also didn't really help.

I went to a chiropractor and she said my right hip was rotated a little bit (forward I believe).

Any idea on what this could be, how to narrow it down, or the best type of specialist that would be worth me seeing next?

trs1960 responded:
Maybe it's piroformis or your hip is rotated...ok, seriously, keep doing what your doing. You went to a PT and an MD. I would move towards an orthopedic specialist. You don't want to let this lay in wait and find out a year later it's too late get control of. I'm not going to make any guesses, but I will encourage you not to accept answers that dont help you. That's what happens to many of us and a minor issue turns into a pinched nerve with limb weakness and spine surgery required.

Keep knocking on doors until you find a doctor or therapist smart enough to figure it out!

Good luck and be tenacious!

bj1208 responded:
Hi and welcome to the support group -

I agree with TRS 1960 - you can also see a spine specialist (Orthopedic or Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist) for more extensive tests (MRI/CT Scan etc) to see what the underlying diagnosis may be as it could be associated with either your hip or your lower back.

Keep us posted how u are doing and what you find out~~
~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~

Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

~~ Joy ~~
trs1960 replied to bj1208's response:
Not to diagnose, but the foot pain got my attention. The nerves serving the underside of your feet originate at L2. That coupled with hip pain (also served from L2) screams orthopedic or neurologist!


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