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An_254243 posted:
I had a lumbar fusion on l4-l5 ,i have a very physical hard job that requires a lot heavy lifting bending ,will I be able to go back to that kind of work

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davedsel responded:

You need to discuss your recovery and returning to work with your doctor and see what he/she recommends. While everyone is different, I would think that the longer you are able to stay off work and not do such physical labor the better. I have never had surgery, but others here have and will eventually come and share their experience. Always best to never rush the healing process.
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bj1208 responded:
Hi and welcome to the support group -

as Dave stated you do need to discuss this with your surgeon - there are many factors involved in a fusion recovery. I had L5-S1 done and during my recovery I was told to not lift anything over 10 lbs. Also, you
can not bend but rather squat down.

your mobility is and will be different as you have hardware in your back and you should not do anything to rupture the fusions as this will require surgeries to fix this. There could also be a nerve root (running down into leg(s) that can either be irritated during surgery or there could be nerve damage. If irritated it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to over a year for the nerve roots to grow back.

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Just to let you know - recovery times can be different for each patient - most are 6 months to a year to make sure fusion takes and heals properly. Some surgeons require patients to wear a back brace to help keep the spine straight during recovery. Some may require a "Bone Stimulator" to help the fusion to fuse and for bone growth.

During recovery you should remember and do what the surgeon advises: no bending, no reaching above your head, no driving, no twisting, no housework (laundry included).

Squatting is ok. Always put those items used most on countertop reach (no reaching above head or below knees). sleep with extra pillows under knees or between knees (sleeping on back or sides - never on stomach).

Don't be so eager to go back to work - and don't be surprised if you have a restriction on what you can and cannot do.

Be sure to discuss with your surgeon what he/she expects your recovery period to be and what they think about your job and returning to full work details or limited.

Keep us posted how you are doing~~
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Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

~~ Joy ~~