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SSD severe spinal steno sis and now find out I Have degenerative disease in spine and thoracic spine
geanannsanders57 posted:
I have applied for and received SSD and am in chronic pain in my back and the judge messed up my disability I am 58 years old and they evidently can not do math in the judicial system the judge says I became disabled in august 2013 and it was supposed to be July 2011 I also have C.O.P.D.and he says my pain and symptoms were managed by the medications I was prescribed I could not afford to BUY the medications as they cost 2 and 3 hundred dollars and I was working a minimum wage job for 15 hour week I have been having pain in my neck since 2008 that was why I saw a doctor the first time so since the mix up in my age I will not get my back pay for a long time maybe not ever get all of it due to chronic back pain ans C.O.P.D. I am in constant pain the only good news is I get my medicare and maybe Medicaid not sure yet I have Been going to a doctor since 2008 and he never explains what is going on I have been paying cash and he gets me in and out as soon as he can I am so tired of this i have to get my results printed out at the office to find out what my test results are I use to go to a caring doctor that actually would take time with his patients .he has prescribed GABAPENTIN for exposed nerves the first visit I told him my sister was taking it today I told him it wasn't doing any good so he prescribed 3 300 MG a day and he said if it doesn't help then we will go up to 4 then 5 a day I went in because I was having pain in my bones and chills and I lay on the couch afraid if I do any work I will cause my back to hurt worse any physical work I do makes it hurt worse my Quality of life is terrible I have always been a very active person and now I am depressed that I cant do anything. I asked him for PREDNISONE he said that sounds like a good Idea . I think a muscle relaxant would help me also and I do not think it is fair to me that a judges error should cause me to have to wait for my back payments as according to my Lawyer it was the judges error and the people in the office that should have caught the Error Before he made his decision My lawyer is telling me I do not have to do anything But I have not been satisfied in the way my Lawyer has acted during the whole of my case I have had to look up things in my paper work so he didn't have to do his job and he has not contacted me when he should I have had to contact my doctor and have them Fax records and I am just wondering if I should not contact social security office my self with this whole thing I have 60 days to appeal my case But the lawyer is excited to go before the Judge and point out that they made an error He will be getting his money probably before I get my back pay and I need the money to pay for medical bills and other bills I would like suggestions on what I should do as to the Lawyer and any suggestions that the doctor wants keep upping the GABAPENTIN.

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As to I should contact the social security office and should I take the gapapentin that the doctor wants to keep upping if It does not help my pain these are 300 mg pills and if he ups them to 5 a day It would be 1500 mg's a day
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davedsel responded:
Hello and welcome.

I am going to reply hoping I understand all your issues. To be honest, you post is very difficult to read since it is not broken into paragraphs.

You say you have been approved for SSD. What does your award letter say as far as monthly payments and back pay?

Regardless of the day you were actually considered disabled, SSD can only go back 1 year prior to application. The back pay award will also be offset by any money you earned during that period.

As far as the gabapentin, it takes time to work and most people usually need a fairly high dose. The 1500 mg would be a commonly prescribed dose. If you do not like your current doctor, you are free to find another.

Work with your current SSD attorney on any issues and concerns you still have. If they don't seem to be able to help, you can see about changing attorneys. It is best to handle everything through your attorney rather than going directly to the SSA.

I pray you can get all this worked out soon.
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