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    Hi everyone
    trs1960 posted:
    Sorry for just disappearing...I've been watching the clock tick on the last of my in house disability and now have about 4 weeks left until I lose my job and am committed to permanent disability. I know I can't work, that's obvious, not 40-50 a week with global travel. According to all the applications and days of phone calls my family and qualify for full medicaid (all parts) and just have pay for dental.

    I've applied for SSDI and I know that it could take a few denials prior to approval, but that actually just gets carved out of my private disability plus SSDI is taxable while private disability is not so they can take their time.

    The pain pump is working well, but it's not a miracle. It improves my quality of life, but doesn't fix my back. If I take it easy I can manage my pain well. If I do anything to aggravate it there's really nothing I can do to reduce the pain. The minor bolus (extra meds) I can trigger, are really subtle and only help a little. The pump is aggregating, a nuisance for sure. My spine was already crushed 3" and having the pump implanted below my right lower rib it compresses my diaphragm whenever I bend over. This make it impossible to breathe when I do something like tie my shoes. I also have turned into bit of a gas pump. Whenever I bend over all my organs are compressed and any gas in my system is forced the path of least resistance.

    Some sleepiness nights ahead and behind. It's disingenuous to return to work knowing I can't succeed and am only going for the ninety day mark to reset the clock. If I went out on day 91 it would an entirely new case. Day 89 and it's a failure to return.

    It's Immoral to not go back to work and leave my family uninsured. I don't think I'd even make ninety days to be honest and I doubt it will help my social security claim!

    God give me strength and see me to the right decisions.

    It looks like my SSDI application is in, my Medicaid is being processed and I'm receiving my private disability. I've pushed every button I can

    davedsel2 responded:
    Hi, Tim. Good to see you again. I am very glad that your pain pump is working for you.

    My wife applied for SSD last August through an attorney and was approved in December. We are very thankful for that. She is now working with a new WC attorney to settle that claim.

    I pray you get your SSD application approved soon.
    Please click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    bj1208 responded:
    Hey Tim - glad to hear from ya -

    I know when I applied for my SSDI that my first application was denied as I was the one that submitted it. Then you have a certain amount of time to resubmit which I did get this on the very last 11th hour time frame and sent all paperwork to my disability attorney.

    I sent everything to my attorney around April 2008 and my SSDI was finally approved Oct 2009 - I kept asking my attorney if there was anything I could supply that would speed up my claim process - she said "NO, Unless you have a DIRE NEED for it to be approved." Yes we did have DIRE NEED - we lost our house and were about ready to lose my hubby's truck. So at my attorney's request I sent a letter addressed to: Honorable Judge and a copy to the Hearing Officer - and I outlined everything from A-Z and the hardship we were under. I also took it upon myself to send my attorney bi-weekly emails listing any new physicians I was seeing, new treatments and any new medications. My attorney sent those bi-weekly emails to the hearing officer via email. He must have gotten upset at all the paperwork he had to print and put with my file so he finally pulled it out and approved my SSDI without me going in front of the Judge with the understanding that at some point in the future I may have to appear. So far I have not had to do so.

    Just keep in mind to update your attorney bi-weekly on how you are doing, what you can and cannot do, new treatments and new meds etc.

    I hope it will be a fast approval - I know in my state (MO) they were 3 yrs behind in processing SSDI applications.

    Hope and pray everything works out for you.

    I'm still doing same - pains and more pains - my pain PA believes that the screw on the right has protruded and is pressing on a nerve root. Surgeon said x-ray looked fine saying he thinks its a pulled muscle!!!! I go for more x-rays on 15th and see the surgeon on 16th at which time I am gonna demand either an MRI or CT Scan be done - cause something is really wrong and I shouldn't have this type of pain.

    Take care~~
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~

    Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    trs1960 replied to bj1208's response:
    I'm lucky to have a private disability insurance plan. When I get SSDI when I do get SSDI they just reduce my private plan by the amount SSDI pays (carving out)

    So it's not a huge deal, but it cements my private LTDI plan. Although, I could never get SSDI and retain my private disability pay.

    The big pain is getting my national healthcare to approve and finalize my Medicaid for me and the family
    tuloud54 replied to trs1960's response:
    Glad you're doing well. I know what you mean by private disability ins. I always bought it after breaking my neck in 1990,never thinking I would need it. My ltd provided guaranteed income of so much for month.When my social security was approved,my ltd was cancelled as their doctor determined I could work. Even though ssdi said I was 100% disabled,my private ins was denied. I never realized that after years of paying premiums,my private disability could just say denied. I lost about $180 that I sure could use. From my understanding,this happens a lot and leaves us with no recourse. All monies my ltd paid me while waiting for ssdi to be approved,they were paid back. Would never recommend anyone purchase if any other way to get yourself some income while waiting for ssdi. Lesson learned. No appeal available and ltd saw me coming.Life goes on.Hang tough my friend and prayers all around for you and yours. God speed. Tom
    trs1960 replied to tuloud54's response:
    It's sad to see a system that inherently breeds dishonesty.

    There's different standards for "disabled" for my insurance, SSDI and my pension disability. What are the chances all three are similar?

    So if I qualify, does that mean I always need to look like a disabled person not able to do anything considered socially productive?

    SSDI allows you to do a little work and make a little money and if your work grows they have a transition plan. My private insurance is all or nothing and if I make a penny they pay me a penny less that month!

    As long as I'm trying to get SSDI my private insurance pays me 70% of my gross pay, but since it's private insurance it's tax free. If I don't get SSDI i may still get my LTDI. The pension is just another hoop. It wouldn't be much, but every penny gets carved out of the tax free LTDI. The other big deal is the non taxable money is not included in the calculations for national healthcare. With no taxable income we get Medicaid with no out of pocket expenses. If I make SSDI I get close to $30K and puts me at risk of losing medicaid. I would get subsidized insurance that may be easier to manage, but it comes with out of pocket costs.

    Of course I won't have the answers until I've given my job up and cannot turn back.

    Not that it matters. I can barely survive organizing my closet... Working 40-50 hours a week may just help put me 6 ft under

    davedsel2 replied to trs1960's response:
    I understand about the different criteria for insurances. From what I understand, Tim, you should get approved for SSDI because you can no longer work full time at what you have been doing, plus your condition has lasted and will last more than one year.

    When I first became disabled I have LTD. They deducted my SSD payments from their monthly payments. After a few years they wanted verification that I was still disabled from my doctor, and did that every few months. Finally they offered me a lump-sum settlement that was fair and I accepted that.

    When I turned 55 last year I began drawing on my pension from the company I had worked for the longest. It is only about 1/3 of what I would have gotten if I'd waited until I was 65, but we need it to help with the budget.

    Well, like I've said, I will continue praying that all this works out for you. The system is far too complex and really does require help from attorneys to win.
    Please click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    trs1960 replied to davedsel2's response:
    Yep!!!!!! Well said

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