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    trs1960 posted:
    Any comments good or bad...
    trs1960 responded:
    Anybody have it? It looks like for at least the next few years my family will all be on medicaid and I'll purchase dental.. I've heard good things and bad things about medicaid. It's free, but a hassle.

    Free is good

    bj1208 replied to trs1960's response:
    Hi Tim - My daughter has this on her and her Autistic boys. The only problem she has ever had is receiving a letter of termination for not submitting the paper work previously required. What usually happened is the requested paper work was never sent out to begin with.

    you do have a set of providers that they will be assigned and they MUST go see them in order to keep the insurance.

    My cousin had Medicaid too and along with Medicare - she has never had a problem with any part of it, thou she has a "Spend Down" where you have to send in the amount before Medicaid will cover you. She did purchase a separate policy to pay the Spend Down amount so she doesn't have to worry about it.

    Hope this helps- keep us posted how you are doing~~
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~

    Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    debs_bears replied to trs1960's response:
    Tim I am totally disabled and I was on Medicaid for 2 years before my Medicare kicked in.

    If one is receiving at least 1.00 in SSI pymts they qualify for Medicaid.

    It does cover a few things dental wise, like cleaning once a year, xrays every two years, pulling of teeth. And it is a small co-pay. Any other dental work is up to the patient - I am glad you are going to get dental insurance.

    trs1960 replied to debs_bears's response:
    How about the medical coverage? All my doctors said they'd have no problem taking me on medicaid. I have one left I haven't asked, but she's the least important . My pain doc said no problem
    debs_bears replied to trs1960's response:
    Hey Tim, since I have no HMO's involved I can go to almost any doctor I need to. Some however might require a referral from your primary care doc. Before going to see a specialist it is always good to call first to see if they take Medicare not everyone does.

    Because I have both Medicare and Medicaid they pay 80% and 20%, but not all things are covered. If Medicare doesn't cover it Medicaid will not either. There also a small co-pay for every visit to doctors, clinic, hospitals etc.....

    Because I say 80% pay by Medicare and 20% by Medicaid doesn't mean you don't pay anything - Medicaid tells the providers how much we owe, in my case it is minimal because I only get a small amount of SSDI and SSI. Actually it is below poverty level what I get.

    Feel free to ask questions I'll help in whatever way I can. Debbie
    aprilrose9 replied to trs1960's response:

    The couple of times I have used my Medicare, I have had problems in my area getting a physician to take me as a patient. I know this is not a current problem for you, but telling you in case you ever move out of your area. When I received the bills, my portion I paid out of pocket for office visits and labwork was high. I basically have had to go without medical care for the last 10 years. Pay monthly for the healthcare ( husband insists), but would rather have the many thousands of dollars I have spent for the crappy insurance.
    trs1960 replied to aprilrose9's response:
    I'm supposed to get a letter (package) soon with lists of doctors etc.

    I'll need a new family doc. I loved my old one, but my wife got in a major hassle ( her fault) and they made her leave. I'd talked to him prior and we were set... The new doctor we're seeing doesn't take medicaid patients.

    I'm really upset my wife went off and got stupid and now I lost the best family doc I've ever had.

    She keeps saying she's leaving me... Maybe I can go back to him later?

    I was hoping to get her counseling from medicaid and try to get her help, but if I can't she's destroying me and our daughters...I'm stuck in the middle.
    aprilrose9 replied to trs1960's response:
    Dear Tim,

    Sorry to hear this. Between the medical issues, financial issues, inability to work...I am sure the household feels the turmoil.

    I hope once some of the issues get resolved, some of the stress will go away and it will get easier for all of you.

    Last year the stress finally got to our household after decades of pulling together as a team. It was a shock to see my husband unhappy after the death of his father and it changed him for a bit. He is feeling better the last few months.

    I hope this for your family. Sometimes the stress gets to the best of us. Today I was upset for a couple of hours and dumped my feelings on this site.

    I was hoping since you were gone for a while that things were going smoothly and with the new pain pump the family issues settled down.

    Hang in there. Sometimes if one stressor goes away, it is enough to make the family start to pull together once more.
    trs1960 replied to aprilrose9's response:
    I really miss my dad. He's been gone just over 3 years.

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