herniated disc
An_255062 posted:
I was diagnosed in Aug. 2011 with a herniated disc and had an EMG done as well and found I had 5 damaged nerves my left leg on the outside is constantly numb and tingling. I had injections which made everything worse.My back pain eased for a while but would come back at least once a month. However now it is back but the spine Dr I was seeing dropped my insurance so if I tell my family Dr that I'm having problems again, once he sends me to another spine specialist am I going to have to go through all the same things over again?
crystalthompson responded:
I left out the fact that we tried all different types of medication, once I was put on gabapenten and nortriptyline was when I noticed the pain easing.
davedsel2 responded:

The new spine specialist will make the call on whether to send you for a new MRI or not. Since it has been a few years, a fresh MRI would not be a bad idea. Make sure you see a spinal orthopedic surgeon or spinal neurosurgeon for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

Once you have seen the spine specialist, you can then see a pain management specialist that is a physiatrist. These doctors go deeper and offer a wide variety of treatments and techniques.

I pray you can find answers and relief soon.
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