How do you post your personal story?
mona717 posted:
Hi Everyone,

Since I'm new to this site I don't know how to post "my story" so that others can click on my picture (no picture) and learn about my journey. I tried clicking on my non-picture and it lead me to an area that just said that there was no history posted for me. There did not seem to be a link for me to click on that would allow me to post something. Can anyone direct me on the best way to do this? Thank you for your help. Mona
bj1208 responded:
Hi Mona -

The best way I did it was to click on my picture and it brings up my account - then I go in and enter my story etc.

Hope this helps~~
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~~ Joy ~~
atti_editor responded:
Hi Mona and welcome to the community!

Joy's method of entering your story is absolutely correct. Make sure that you are clicking on your photo within the community (for example, the one at the top of this post) and not your account photo at the top right of the page. You should then see a "Tell us your story" link that will open up a text box when you click on it. You can also upload a personalized photo from this page if you wish. Make sure that you are logged in to your account at the top of the page before beginning this process. If you have any more questions or need help with something, don't hesitate to ask!

davedsel2 replied to bj1208's response:
There is also a "My Community Profile" link on the left side of the screen 5 down from the "Home" title. That will allow you to create and/or edit your story and signature, plus you will see all your posts.

Praying everyone is having a blessed and marvelous Monday, friends.
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mona717 responded:
Good Morning Everyone: I hope that you all had a restful sleep last night. I know how hard it is to string together sleep time. If you're like me you get 25 minutes here, 15 minutes there etc. because of the pain. But at least we get some - right?
Thank you all for your suggestions re: how to post my story. I'll give it a try. I'm such a dinosor when it comes to techie things.
Peace - Mona