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nanny09 posted:
Hi everyone, Sorry I haven't been on here in a very long time. I have had so much going on it feels like my life is over... My issues... First I have COPD I quit smoking for 3 months and now I am back to it and I am so mad at myself.
2nd. I have a very serious ( not life threating I hope) problem with my bladder. I had a sling put in, didn't work , I had silicone inserted in the Urethea didn't work. The doctor again put me on medication Myrbetriq at a higher dose. She told me the problem is with my bladderinternally. Didn't even ask questions . See again in 6 weeks.
3rd. Last Year I had 2 surgeries on my back as I had herniated Disc L5 S1. Had surgery in Feb 2013, Told my surgeon that I was still in extreme pain. He didn't believe me, he thought I wanted drugs. .All I did was cry. I then went to my Pain Management doctor as I now see evey month . He is a Neurologist and he had another MRI done as he is the one who found the first herniated dics, I had another herniated disc even larger than the one before . OH no, as we are not a large town I had to go back to the same surgeon. In May I had surgery again on my L5 S1? I can no longer stand for more than 5 minutes with out extreme pain. I must sit to take the pressure from my back. I have now had sciatica since February 2013 13 months.. I take Lyrica which helps some what. I am taking Norco 10/325, I asked my doctor if he could increase my pain medication up a bit and he won't . I don't really know the reasoning on this. I'll bet if some of these doctors felt the Sciatica I have from my back to my foot left side. The surgeon did an MRI again at my check up and said every thing was fine now. It's not I still have the same issues. My surgeon said I should not be in pain and it may take a year to heal?? I just want a good nights sleep and to go out with out the worry of a wheel chair, as I don't have one. I know there are other people out there worse than I am and I hope what ever is ailing then is corrected...

Very down
bj1208 responded:
Hi Janet - welcome back to the support group -

you indicated you are in a small town - is there a large city around you say that may have a big University Hospital? Usually they are a teaching hospital and would be able to help you on the bladder issues and also the spine issues.

They also have a pain clinic where there may be a Physiatrist Pain Specialist that deal deeper with pain management based on what patients needs are.

Sometimes physicians will not issue anything stronger than what you are taking as the next step would be giving you something stronger without the tylenol in it. And some physicians are scared to issue anything stronger as they would be put on a list to be investigated and sometimes their license taken away that allows them write scripts

I believe at this point in your life (and pain!!) you really need to make a trip to a larger city to be seen by specialists. I think you will find better diagnosis and get better treatment plans.

please keep us posted~~ Joy
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~~ Joy ~~
trs1960 replied to bj1208's response:
I don't have any better advice than you've already received by Joy .

I just want to wish you good luck. I will include you in my thoughts and prayers.

bj1208 replied to gulfcoastlaney's response:
You should never use an inversion table without first being examined by a spine specialist and have received their OK. As using one of these could cause more damage
~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~
~~ Joy ~~

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