15 year old girl with sever chronic undiagnosed low back pain
erinkathy posted:
My 15 yr old daughter has been having extreme low back pain for 2 months. We have had every blood test that could be thought of and they are all normal. Also normal are the x-rays and mri. She sees a pain management doctor and has been given many different pain meds for both muscle and nerve pain. Nothing really helps..even narcotics. She recently had a cortisone injection which is causing terrible insomnia, but no pain relief. We even tried acupuncture..no help. She is losing hope, as am I. If we only had a diagnosis and realistic idea of how long this will take to heal. We are both terrified that this will be the new normal for her life.
davedsel2 responded:
Hello and welcome.

I am sorry your daughter and you are going through this.

Have you taken her to a spinal orthopedic surgeon and/or a spinal neurosurgeon? These are the best doctors to see when having back pain. Also, is the pain management specialist a physiatrist? These doctors go deeper and offer a wide variety of treatments.

I will be praying that you can get answers and relief soon.
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bj1208 responded:
Hi and welcome to support group -

Dave has given u great.advise, as always.

I would like to ask if she has done anything to injure her back? Also has she seen an OBGYN?

I would see a spine specialist first, as Dave stated to have them review xrays and MRI films. If nothing is showing then take her.to see OBGYN as female problems can cause low back pains.

Please keep us posted what u find out - Joy
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erinkathy replied to bj1208's response:
Thank you for your advice. I have mentioned an orthopedic doctor to our pain management doc and she has said not to bother since the mri was negative.

I don't know if the PM doc is a Physiatrist but will look into that.

At last check in the PM doc wants her to go to KU Med for a second opinion at their PM clinic. I feel like this is a lost hope. Last night (2AM) she told me her pain was at a 10 and she wanted to go to the hospital. What to do? I have put a call in to the doc, but I think she is at the end of her rope.

An OBGYN may not hurt, since she has challenges in that area as well. I just can't imagine this level of pain being hormonal.

I read both you and Dave's stories and I am so sorry you are going through this and no offense, but I hope she will not follow your path!

Dave, thank you for your prayers. They are always valuable.

trs1960 responded:
My daughter went through something like that. Took her to a physiatrist and went through exams MRIs etc. no pathology to support the pain. She was taking Accutane at the time and when she finished the Accutane the pain went away.

Good luck and follow Dave's advice!

bj1208 replied to erinkathy's response:
Erin -

Really at KU Med?? In KC? I live south of KC so would like to talk to u more. Email me at j_mmorelan_60@ymail.com

Take care
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bj1208 replied to erinkathy's response:
Erin on another note yes it could be hormonal as yrs ago I had horrible back pains and went from one spine doc to another. One day I doubled over in pain went to see my primary doc and he tried to examine me and it hurt so bad. I had always had horrible periods and didn't think it was tied to my lower back. When I went to see OBGYN he looked at MRI from spine doc and said the cysts on my overies showed up but spine docs only look at spines. I had ovarian cysts real bad and also endometriosis too and said I probably had it since I started as I told him always had severe menstrual cycles. So please keep that in mind.

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