Pretty Upset Right Now With Surgeon
bj1208 posted:
Ok - I get the picture that surgeons are busy, but here are the facts.

1) My surgeon doesn't like to get reports off the computer when they are available so instead he requests a CD and then has it delivered to his office.

2) I had my Myelogram done on Wed 3/19

3) I called his office on Wed 3/26 to see if there was any news of results. nurse told me he had just rec'd the CD that AM and had not reviewed it yet.

4) I called again on Fri 3/28. Nurse again looked and said he still has not reviewed it but was hoping he would between patients' visits.

It's almost 3am Wed and as of yesterday (Tuesday) I have not had a returned call.

I will see my PA on 4/9 and am really upset - pissed is the word. I don't believe my Physiatrist is associated with the big university hospital here but am ready to find a spine specialist and take all my results to them. I've read articles they had online where they are doing complete spine replacements - that is they are still in the experimental stages doing them on rats - yes mice and rats have the same spine layout as we do - and I've spoke to numerous surgeons over the last few years and the possibility of this being done to humans won't be in our generation, our kids or grandkids generation.

I've been trying the Fentanyl Patch (50 MCG) since 3/26 (instead of morphine) and the only place i can wear the patch is on my arms - they fall off either on my chest or waist as I sweat too much.

Since 3/26 I have done nothing but cry each day cause the pains are so intense. There are times I can just barely move with my right leg and something in my lower right side snaps - or pops real loud and causes pain so bad it takes my breath away.

During my Myelogram when they have table upright and have you move right and left I could feel it start to pop so am hoping this showed up.

I'm just at wits end with this and this waiting game with the surgeon. Any suggestions/thoughts?

Thanks much, guys - I really appreciate your input over the years not only for me but for the new members too!!
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legsafire responded:
I am so sorry you are going thru so much pain. Possibly go to urgent care and get something stronger to get you thru till you can see the PA. I have felt some of those same frustrations, drive 2 1/2 hours, be early, wait because the doc is running a little late today, sit in a room for 20 minutes and the doc comes in and spends 3 to 5 minutes with you and his questions get answered but yours really don't. It helps me to read or play one of the stupid phone games to try to pass the time. You may not be able to even do that i don't know but I hope your relief comes soon. It's not much help but I am up also at 1:20 AM.
bj1208 replied to legsafire's response:
Hi there

Thanks.for responding . There way I can go to urgent care.or even the ER because if the pain meds I take . If anything my PA would get me in today if needed
I also take 30mg oxy 4 times a day for break thru pains. So urgent care and ER would say sorry and call PA.

I'm more upset with my surgeon than anything. If I had a better diagnosis my PA may be able to do more. I'm trying the fentanyl patch cause for one my hubbys ins is we pay out if pocket for RX and send receipts in for reimbursement . He is in union and insurance is based on hours worked in quarterly period. Second is I was taking morphine extended release 60mg 4 times a day. And now there is only one mfg of morphine and they decided to triple the cost just cause they can. Taking the morphine and oxy doses were the Max that us allowed to be written by their office. I tried daladids 4mg 4 times daily but those didn't help. I'm allergic to methadone so that's out.

This was gonna be.last straw before going back to morphine. I've been on this combo (morph & oxy) since 12/09 so my tolerance has peaked on it.

There really isn't much I can do right now. I can call and let my PA know the patch isn't working maybe they can prescribe a.stronger one but I would gave to drive there wait to be seen turn in remaining patches get new script go to pharmacy and drop off script. I don't have money to pay for script so just in a catch 22.

Thanks again for responding - appreciate it - Joy
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davedsel2 responded:
Hi, Joy.

I am so sorry your trials are continuing. I like your idea of taking everything to a different spine specialist and getting another opinion. IMHO, you are not getting the proper care from your current surgeon.

Please keep us updated. I am continuing to pray for you.
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bj1208 replied to davedsel2's response:
Thanks Dave

My cuz keeps.chewing me out saying she told me to go there in first place.

I did call my PA and spoke to her nurse . They have script ready for 25mcg more to add to the 50mcg. I can get it filled Friday when hubby gets paid so keeping fingers.crossed that this helps.

Still no call from surgeon so will be calling university hospital and talking to them. They also have to talk to spine doc so will call that too.

Will keep u all updated~~
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dianer01 responded:
Hi Joy,

I am so sorry to hear of your frustration, I know when you mix pain and frustration neither gets better any faster.

I might be inclined to check out the new doc as this one, while he may be very skilled seems to be lacking some basic consideration.

I know at one point I had a toe to toe, in your face interaction with my surgeon as he did not seem to respect me, my time or the pain I was in. After that, our relationship changed and he seemed to be more on my side. Every relationship/situation is a little different. I hope whatever you do it works out for the best and you can get some relief.