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bj1208 posted:
Well the same ole' pains keep a coming!!

I saw my primary doc last Wed and he gladly completed the form. I forgot to tell the nurse about this and went ahead and faxed it to the appointment desk. They called doc's office and spoke to nurse and she faxed over reports on me - she called me to let me know and I told her they were looking for the results of tests I've had done and that I have all those.

I called the appointment desk and left message with the gal handling my appointment and told her I had all the CD's containing all tests I've had done.

She called me back Monday and said she needs to have those so that the doc reviewing my request will determine if I need to be seen for a 2nd opinion. I told her I have those and will fax them to her. She asked if I could call the place and have them fax it - LOL I told her that I go to different places for different tests and have been to about 6 different ones in the last year (no joke - turned out to be 7!!)

So I gathered all my CD's and written reports to make sure I had all - there were a few I had to pop in the CD and print the reports so am glad I did that. I gave the reports from 2011 to current - 25 pages total. At least they will see the changes that have occurred.

They should have a hay-day with the written reports. It cost $16 to fax them (I don't have fax machine) and only place we have here in town is UPS so we pay out the A.

So now the waiting game begins.

I did call my surgeons office last Fri and left a message. Still as of today no call back. Hmmm guess he is just wanting me to wait til our follow-up on 5/20 to tell me the results. It would be nice if his nurse would call and just say that.

Guess we shall wait and see who calls back first!!
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~~ Joy ~~
davedsel2 responded:
Joy, I'm sorry you have to jump through all these hoops to get results. Seems that is the way it is for all of us. I'm still waiting for my health insurance to approve an MRI. The physiatrists's office put in a second order and I have filed an appeal. The doctor won't do any more for me without an MRI to show him exactly what is going on with my spine and hips. Meanwhile, we suffer while we wait.

Praying we all can get the treatment we need soon.

Hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful Wednesday.
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bj1208 replied to davedsel2's response:
Hey Dave and everyone ~~

OK so you have to close ur eyes and imagine me doing a happy dance~~~

Got it? Good!!

Had call from appt dept at hospital and I have appt on May 7th at 9:30am!!!! Happy dance happy dance~~ lol yea me with my cane and severe limp~~~

All I can say us my 25 page faxes of everything going on must have been enough for them to say Hey get her in here NOW!!

Also the hospital is in the top 20 in the US so thats good.

Hope having a good low pain day.
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~~ Joy ~~
dianer01 replied to bj1208's response:
Hi Joy,

I am glad it sounds like you have turned a very positive corner. I truly hope this new hospital can give you some answers.

bj1208 replied to dianer01's response:
Thanks Di~~

I'm.sure I will get some answers. I'm really not looking to have another surgery but too many problems have popped up.
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~~ Joy ~~
trs1960 replied to bj1208's response:
I'm sicker than a dog and have been sleeping all day I know what you mean though Joy. What we see asan emergency they just lump in to pile with everyone else.

It gets overwhelming!

bj1208 replied to trs1960's response:
Well here is more update

The appt desk called to schedule appt. Told her I already had one set. She looked and said that the appt on May 7th is with anesthesiologist pain appt. And so we got appt set up with spine surgeon on 6/25.

I called my primary doc as he told them he wanted me to see both. And verified that he does want me to see anesthesiologyist so they can review all my pain meds and everything else. Being a univeraity hospital they will have updated treatment programs so that should be interesting.

Hope everyone has a great weekend~~
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~~ Joy ~~
davedsel2 replied to bj1208's response:
Well, at least things are happening for you now with the new doctor, Joy. Continuing to pray.

Rainy and cooler (40's) in WNY today. Of course, that equals one word for us chronic pain sufferers - OUCH!!!!

Hope everyone is having a blessed and super Saturday.
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trs1960 replied to bj1208's response:
Sick:(, windy, rainy and a little snow.

Keep at it Joy. We'll be praying for you

Good news is I'm starting to feel a bit better.


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