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    Update on my L4 fracture
    debs_bears posted:
    Hi all I did go see my new Neurosurgeon very nice guy - will go back to him if I need to.

    Dr. R. said that time should heal the fracture and that if it loses more space they would re-evaluate and then they could put cement in there to help hold it.

    Dr. R. was surprise to see that I even had this fracture and surprise as how easy it was to get it - he said based on my X-rays and Ct-scan my spine is at least 23 yrs older than me.

    He wanted me to increase my Vit. D3 and Calcium but I can not cuz it would cause a toxic level in my body, I am already at a high level with both. So the recommendation from my kidney Dr. was to take osteoporosis meds - can't do that because of the Gastroparesis, so then they said to get a once a year IV Zometa which will help hold the calcium in my bones. My ins. says no cuz I don't have osteoporosis yet.

    My bone density test was -2.00 osteopenia and for me to start using osteoporosis meds I need to be -2.35 to -2.50 now does that make sense? So my ins. would rather me get osteoporosis and or another lumbar fracture before I can get the proper treatment. Makes no sense to me at all.

    So in the meantime I am not do lift anything over 10lbs, do limited amount of exercise (only allowed to do back exercises) no problem can't exercise anyway with my neck fusion. So that is the update but I do like the new guy he will be a keeper.
    It is my prayer that you have a Blessed Day in all that you do. ~~~Debbie~~~
    bj1208 responded:
    Hey Debbie

    I'm glad to hear your appt went real well and you like him. That's the main reason to keep a doc is being comfortable with them. And trust which us number one main reason.

    at least he us gonna keep tabs on you and will take care of you if the time comes.

    I know I can't wait for my appt this coming Wed. They said she has reviewed them and is ready to see me!! Excited but nervous.

    take care
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~
    ~~ Joy ~~
    debs_bears replied to bj1208's response:
    I do hope and pray your appt. goes well and that you like her as well. The 23rd right?
    It is my prayer that you have a Blessed Day in all that you do. ~~~Debbie~~~
    bj1208 replied to debs_bears's response:
    Yep 23rd!!
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~
    ~~ Joy ~~
    trs1960 replied to bj1208's response:
    At least you got answers, those can be so hard to come by! You sound somewhat relieved in your text. I read a little humor in your words and that's always healthy.

    Good luck and I'll keep you in my prayers. This was an interesting dilemma. It sound like instead of a glass house you will be living with a glass skeleton.

    It does infuriate me when insurance companies tell doctors "no." I got denied for a refill years ago. My doc wrote a script to make up for meds I'd used for breakthrough pain. (I was honest with my doc so he wrote me a script to make up what I had used) Since it was the same medication and the same dosing they said it was a refill and not a new script therefore I was refilling it too soon... I asked the insurance SPECIALIST where he got his medical degree? He asked "What?" I explained that the doctor that wrote the prescription has an MD along with other specialty degrees. What medical expertise do you have to override his medical decision? I was furious, he was clueless!

    debs_bears replied to trs1960's response:
    Hi Tim it is so amazing that Medicare thinks they know how to treat us. Turns out they didn't approve Zometa but would Reclast. The thing is I can't use either of them. I can't use IV osteoporosis meds if I had thyroid surgery, any of my intestines removed or on a water pill. All 3 are a yes.

    I can't have pill form because of my Gastroparesis.

    Now we are trying to get Forteo approved - that is a self injection to the thigh (quantity limits) (no mail order) (must be pre approved) because I don't have osteoporosis yet.

    We are trying to stop the action but Medicare says I'm not bad enough - I need a fraction in the cervical they are now saying even though I have a fracture in my spine. I am just furious.
    It is my prayer that you have a Blessed Day in all that you do. ~~~Debbie~~~
    trs1960 replied to debs_bears's response:
    So do these same genii wait until their car breaks down before attending to it, or a tire blows before checking the tread remaining? What happened to the new focus on wellness to mitigate health care costs?

    Why take cardiac meds if you should just wait for the heart attack!

    As always,

    debs_bears replied to trs1960's response:
    They don't want to have this preventive med cuz it costs 1,500 a month. But it is the only med I can take so I don't fracture any more bone.

    I bet Medicare people if something goes wrong they get the best care out there with no stopping at the cost. So frustrating.
    It is my prayer that you have a Blessed Day in all that you do. ~~~Debbie~~~

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