Lower back pain with the same diagnosis
tbalmer posted:
Hi all I recently reinjured my lower back after lifting weights and it's been over 6 weeks and it still has not healed. I had two disectomy surgeries about 5 years ago and have been fine up to this point until I got done with my workout. I recently got an MRI and visited two neurosurgeons and a pain management doctor and they all 3 said the disks are not injured and that's it's muscular. Maybe a deep fiber tear. My problem is that I have not really got any better in 6 weeks and I still have pain in both my right and left lower back and hips. Most of my pain is when I'm mobile. I don't have any when I sit down and very little when I lay down. One surgeon prescribed me a back brace which I wore today to help the muscles heal yet I feel worse today after wearing it all day. I feel like it's more instability than muscle pain and I keep worrying each pain I feel will make it worse. I'm signed up for pt this week yet has anyone had this type of feeling? Kinda of like little small pains in your lower back around the hip bone area on each side with a tad of nerve pain in hips and legs? I'm afraid it's something worse. Or does this just take a long time to heal? Any advice would be great. Thanks
bj1208 responded:
Hi and welcome to support group

if this is a muscle that has been injured what I can tell you is it can take a long time to heal. One thing you should do is stop your weight lifting as all you are doing is irritating the muscle.

start the PT that was prescribed as the PT person will be able to show you how to properly exercise. You can try using over the counter muscle creams like BenGay it Asoercream and rub (gently) over muscles. They have some that are icy/hot that may help too.

I just recently bruised my groin muscle and it hurts so bad I am walking with 2 canes (normally use 1bbecause of back problems) . I just had follow up with my surgeon and asked her bout this and she said it will take a long time to heal.

as for wearing the back brace ~~ this is not just something you can put on and wear all day, if you're not used to wearing it. You should start out slow, wearing it for couple hours a day for a few days then slowly increase the time you wear it.

sleeping at nite you should use extra pillows between your knees sleeping on your sides or under your knees when sleeping on your back. This will help keep your spine more straight and may help the muscle pains. Never ever sleep on your stomach as this can cause more back pains.

as it does take time to heal your PT person may let you know approx how long it could take to heal once they have had a chance to examine you. Be sure and let them know if something hurts during the therapy as it could cause more pains.

I would suggest seeing the spine doc again if after the PT is done and you are no better or are worse as it may be a good idea to have a CT Scan done to see if that shows anything.

hope this helps ~~ keep us posted how you are doing
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