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sciatic ? spine damage ? or worse
mightyshanghai posted:
Dear all, I only joined yesterday. I am sorry if this is long winded

about 10-12 years ago, I hurt my self lifting something heavy ( I am 35 Now) I got sciatic type of pain, in the left but and down the leg all the way down to my foot, It was made worse me leaning forward on bending down to the ground.
I went to the doctor and the did a x-ray, it showed I had a anterior wedge fracture in L3 or L4. I had a little physio.
Around the same time I started getting bloated stomach and painful bladder, but was told it was IBS and painful bladder syndrome. I had camera to look inside both anus and penis, all said fine.
I had STD check also, and came back clear, but said I should use some anti fungi cream on scrotum.
I went through same big depression, most on my own and I did not really want to tell anyone. Most of my irritation was inside my penis, but back pain I just put up with.
Well now 10 years later it seems to have back, but pain in the left leg, and now the right, it took me ten years to work out that I get all these at the same time, Back, butt leg, foot, bloated stomach/ bowel, and penis/ scrotum irritation.
My sleep was never the best, but it not good at all now, I had a car crash on 2008 which made things worse.
Hope someone can help.
trs1960 responded:
I'm not a neurologist, but it's my understanding that the nerves passing thru L3/L4 may indeed cause leg and butt pain, but your bladder would be fed from nerves emanating from the thoracic area. That being said, I have always stated that everything in the body is connected and nothing works in a vacuum. I remember having knee surgery and the first time I tried to pee I hurt everywhere!

I know my left knee is not connected to my penis and bladder!

Good luck, keep us posted,

jm1960 responded:
Hi and welcome to the support group

I would like to ask what type of doctors you have been to? I think it would be in your best interest to see the right type of docs.

in my honest opinion I would see either a Orthopedic Spine Specialist or Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist. They will examine you and may order tests (MRI, CT Scan etc) to see what is going on. With your symptoms they may order tests on both Lumbar and Thoracic. Once this is done they can let you know what treatment options are available

as TRS1960 pointed out nerves in the Thoracic (middle back) may cause bowel problems and if the test from Spine Specialist

the next step would be to see a Urologist Specialist for tests.

I hope this helps. Getting to the right doctors would be in your best interest in getting accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

keep us posted. Joy
mightyshanghai replied to jm1960's response:
Thankyou jm1960 and trs1960

I have seen 2 or 3 Urologist Specialist had a cam put inside of me all the way to my bladder, they said all looks fine, but prostate maybe a little tight, but he said all is fine, and I had a cam I up my butt to look at lower bowel, and again all fine.
In my penis it feels like some pee in left in there, but there is not, but now as I said before all three pains at the same time. and it feels like nerve pain.

I now live in china so talking to doctors in not always easy but I am seeing someone on Monday (25th Aug) I have talked with him on the phone, and he said maybe some damage higher up, he will do some tests and them a MRI ( if needed)
thanks to all
mightyshanghai replied to trs1960's response:
Hi trs 1960 I sent a reply below, I did not know how to reply to both at the same time.
thanks for your help
trs1960 replied to mightyshanghai's response:
Good luck and 88

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