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Pinched nerve in back
pilgrim8801 posted:
My first post

Ten years ago my wife was diagnosed with Sciliosis & Degenerative disease and didn't

have any surgery done. Then she was diagnosed with disc bulge, she also has arthritis in

her lower back and bursitis in her hips. She has has three steroids shots four times over a

ten year period in her back. The first shots helped her for 4 years. The second shots helped

for another 4 years. The third time they helped for almost a year & the last shots helped for

less than six months. During that ten year period she also had infusion shots, Mylagram,

EMG nerve conduct study, two medial branch blocks one month apart, Bursitis in both hips

that they treated with steroid shots. Radio frequency ablation of the spine. Also during

this ten year period she had 3 months of physical therapy that did give her some temporary

relief for her lower back but didn't help the pinched nerve that was giving her problems. She

also had 60 Chiropractic treatments during this time period that helped her pain a little. Now

comes the problem we have at this time. In 1994 she had two brain aneurysms and had to

have clips put in to fix them. Our big problem now is that the Dr. she is seeing wants to give

her an MRI to get a better look at where this nerve is so they can do something about it. But

the dr needs to know what the clips were made off before she can get the MRI. We

checked at the hospital for her old records but they had destroyed them 10 years after her
operation. The Dr that operated on her didn't have records of her either. So now we are at another road block. My wife is 64 years old and does not want to have major surgery to fix this problem. Is there anyone out there that might know if there is any other type of test that will find this pinched nerve problem or any other advice you may have that might help her.
jm1960 responded:
Hi and welcome to the support group

it's great you are helping your wife with this. It dies make it hard when records are no longer available.

they Myelogram test should be able to pinpoint nerves as this is what the test does. They take pictures after injection of the dye then after that is done a CT Scan is done.

I just had this done after my last fusion operation so they could see if I had any nerves that may be pinched etc.

I hope they can find what's going on. Please keep us posted. Take care. Joy
pilgrim8801 replied to jm1960's response:
Thank you so much for that information. We are going to talk to the dr about the Myelogram test & CT scan. This is one test they never did on her. We will let you know how thing go. That nerve is about to do her in, it even makes her cry.
jm1960 replied to pilgrim8801's response:
Hi again - believe me I understand how it can make her cry cause it does that to me.

have her use a heating pad on it and also ice packs. Alternate them 10 minutes ice then 10 minutes nothing then 10 minutes heat. This should help with some of the pains. Keep us posted. Joy

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