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Prolonged standing in a fixed position may cause discomfort in the back. Waiting for a public vehicle, ironing, washing up, cooking on standing platforms, leaning over a high desk, etc. are activities that compel us to stand.
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bj1208 responded:
Thanks for visiting the support group -

the link you gave does have some helpful advise that we normally go over with new members seeking help/advise with chronic pain problems.

Our members suffer from chronic back/neck problems either caused by some type of FAILED BACK/NECK SURGERY SYNDROME or cannot have surgery because of the extent of damage to the back/neck areas and most of us already have issues with standing/sitting/riding in cars/driving etc., as a lot of members have permanent nerve damage in either leg or both legs (I for one have nerve damage in both legs).

I do want to thank you again for providing the site.

If you have problems with your back/neck it would be nice if we knew more about what your problems are as we are a support group and the majority of us have, as the ole saying goes, Been There Done That!

Take care - ^Joy^