Gyrotonics for chronic low back pain
An_189459 posted:
I started with a physical therapist doing gyrotonics a month ago and have found it makes my spine more flexible while strengthening my lower abdominal muscles; this has helped relieve my pain. It is somewhat like pilates but different. Has anyone else had this experience?
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bj1208 responded:
hi welcome to the support group -

I have not had this - though I have a plate in my back and have to be very careful what type of physical therapy I do - and most physical therapy's have not worked for me over the last 4 years (been to 6 different ones)

But it's always good to hear of something out there that does help - take care - keep us updated - Joy~~
marieh9 responded:
Hi Anon_66519
I personally havent' tried it but my friend did and it really worked for her. I have also failed two physical therpists (both injured me much worse than when I got injured. I think it is not for everyone but may help SI joint disfunction and some other problems.