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    Buy a product called Backjoy, i now can sit for hours without pain
    phillp07 posted:
    I could not sit for any length of time withour pain, i purchased the seat called backjoy, and it releives the pain, i couldnt bekleive it, reallky , it stopd the pain, now I carrie it every where i go
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    phillp07 replied to bj1208's response:
    you put the bottom of the seat at the middle of your thighs, its mainly for siactic pain going down you legs while sitting, very little support for back , but it helped my back also, i was so supprised it worked, i use it the car and in my rocker and my comp desk chair, i really could not sit before
    lifesajourney responded:
    Is it available in stores or online?
    lifesajourney replied to phillp07's response:
    That sounds like it might help me. I have a lot of leg pain from SI and sciatic nerves. Thanks for sharing
    tayles59 replied to lifesajourney's response:
    backjoy is a wonderful product but it is only treating a symptom and not the root cause which many times is an anteriorly tipped pelvis. ATP is caused by an under utilized hamstring and an over utilized quad. Recruiting the hamstring to do the work it was intended to do will align the pelvis and provide a long term solution to SI, low back and knee pain.
    Look up a product by the name of Protonics and check them out, the science is proven with clinical studies and it is easy to do
    4freedom responded:
    I was just going to ask what you could do at home to help with sciatica pain.
    I did google and saw a few items for body contour.

    Mine is out of control right now, it's in my right hip and leg.... and my hand massaging it does not help. Nor are my meds being much relief right now either.

    I have squirmed, tried to walk it off, tried to get comfy in bed.....nothing helping right now. I may try one of those seat cushions, just to see if I can get any relief while sitting...

    ~any home remedies that may ease the pain ??

    thanks ~lyn
    bj1208 replied to 4freedom's response:
    hi and welcome to the support group-

    heat and ice packs my help - taking a hot bath - when sleeping on your side sleep with pillows between your knees and kinda curl up in fetal position - if on your back sleep with pillows under your knees -

    not sure what meds you are on - but Lyrica or Neurontin will help with some of the pains - pain pills do nothing for the pains -
    going to physical therapy under the advise of either your spine specialist or pain management physician, will help and they will be able to give you home exercises to do - remember we are all different so that may help one may not help another -

    hope this helps - keep us posted - take care - Joy

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