There is no need to go to the hospital Lumbar disc neck disc. Please treat yourself to
Kharma posted:

This is the only way in the world revolutionary[br>A method of people around the world can be easily released from the disks,[br>Without side effects, anyone can own ...[br>[br>If you are interested, we will study more widely known ..[br>[br>You're so easy to treat at home without spending big bucks[br>[br>Content is in English, I translated Google ...[br>[br>I want to help a lot.
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Kharma responded:
I tried to translate the contents of Google.[br>[br>I want to know the translation is to be understood that my statement[br>[br>Is that I understand the contents of the statement?[br>[br>Thank you confirmation.
bj1208 responded:
Kharma -

No the article does not make sense at all. It appears the part relating to discs is at bottom of page and there is no way to go to next page to finish article.
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Debsbears replied to bj1208's response:
Joy this post was here about one month ago - I remember it because no one was able to translate it (Ithink it was deleted) - I was able to translatebits and pieces of it using Bing translator.

I was able to read 2 pages of this blog in broken English - and the bottom line is people in Korea are using acupuncture to help in their healing and it is working. (That is the point I think Kharma is trying to make).

That being said it is only a suggestion that instead of going for surgery try having acupuncture first.

Kharma - the problem here is, people should not post things in languages we can not understand or translate it comes across as scam or ads. Please try to find a way to translate it first before posting a link. It took me almost a half hour and many tempts to try to read your link.