PRP and BMC treatment for pain healing
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Bone marrow injection, as the name suggests, injecting a powerful concentrate of the patient's own bone marrow in the affected area under strong administration. The bone marrow is extracted from a healthy area of the body and centrifuged into a strong concentrated solution, rich in regenerative cells. This is then injected back into the damaged tissues for faster growth and repair.
Now a days, the platelet rich plasma therapy is quite similar to the bone marrow injection. Yes it is. In both the cases, a small portion is extracted from the patient's body and then churned into a powerful concentrate. Both cause inflammation due to stimulated blood flow and birth of growth factors or regenerative cells, as the case may be. And finally, both are administered in regular intervals of a few weeks and show signs of improvement after 3-6 weeks.
However, the major difference is that the former uses the repairing properties of the platelets present in the plasma of the blood, and the other makes use of the repairing abilities of the bone marrow. Hence, as is obvious, bone marrow treatment is used to cure moderate to extreme cases of osteoarthritis and tendon injuries, whereas PRP treatment is used for curing the early stages of the same disorders.
Hence, if arthritis or other joint disorders have been troubling you of late, it would be advisable to consult a doctor immediately and get either of this treatment done, as per your condition.
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Hi Bradcrowne -

I did some research on the bone marrow injections and found that this is a treatment that is being done on a experimental study meaning certain pain clinics are doing a drug study on this. Not all pain clinics will offer this.

here's an article relating to bone marrow injections:

and here's an article on the Platelet Rich Plasma injections:

It would help members if you could research these and attach articles for review etc.

Thanks for sharing this information. I live fairly close to Columbia MO where they are doing the Bone Marrow Injections. I will check into this with my Pain Mgmt Specialist and see what they say.
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