Can neck pain causes back pain?
karthik3090 posted:
Hi, from last 1 yr onwards I am suffering with neck pain. Doctor told me that I had problem in c2. Daily I am doing neck strengthening exercises. Now I can't able to sit for half an hour continuosly, Iam experiencing some kind of discomfortness in my back. Daily I am doing back strengthening exercise too. So is neck pain causes back pain?
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davedsel responded:
Hello and welcome.

Yes, any problems with any part of the spine can and usually does affect other parts of the spine. Since the vertebrae are all connected an injury or degenerative condition in the neck can definitely affect other parts of the back.

Please read through the Tip at the top of this WebMD Back Pain Community that lists the steps for getting back pain diagnosed and treated. Here is a link to that tip:

I pray you can find answers, the right treatment and relief soon.
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