Skype calls in place of Face to Face appts.
jon_h posted:
We've been going to Pain Doc appts. for years that are more than 106 miles one way, to receive prescriptions (and other care). He recently told me that we could Skype each other, and count it as an Office Visit. He then mails me the prescriptions, and I fill them like normal. The regulations say there has to be video for it to count.

This may be a viable solution for those in the same boat of having long travel times, just to fulfill the regs for getting their scripts. Beside the saving on money spent on gas, it saves us the all day ordeal of the long drive there and back.

Hopefully this might help someone else out, if their Doc will accept this as a solution.
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davedsel2 responded:
This is a very interesting concept and I know some doctors are using this type of technology already.

In a case like yours where the trip to the doctor is so long, this would be a great solution for routine follow-up visits.

Please keep us updated on your progress if you do have Skype visits with your pain doctor.
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bj1208 responded:
I agree with Dave this is already in place with lots of physicians.

Please keep us posted
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