Bipolar and Mirena.
krystalelaine posted:
I was just diagnosed with Bipolar 2 in March of 2010. It never really affected my relationship with my boyfriend until I had the Mirena put in. I became really suspicious, paranoid and mean. Very, very, very mean. I heard that getting the mirena taken out is supposed to take the anger and stuff back to the level it was at before I had it put in. My boyfriend and I are now split up, our children/family are split up because of my anger and controlling. I know that these are all a part of Bipolar but for me they were intensified by the Mirena so I am led to believe from the things I have read. My boyfriend said he would only get back if the anger does subside and I return to the way I was previous to the Mirena. So my question is if the Mirena does get taken out, will I start going back to my "original" state of Bipolar without the anger?
slik_kitty responded:
messing with our hormones can unbalance us. so it could be the cause of the anger. if it is the cause of the anger then that should go away once it is removed, although the effect might take a little time to wear off i would think.