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ebayaddict posted:
I have to decide before first thing tomorrow morning whether or not to keep an appt with a therapist. He is new. I've seen 3 different ones in the past but never stuck with them. There is one that I might go back to but didn't.
Anyway, this appt will cost me almost $150 because I need to pay a deductible before they cover anything. I have no major issues that need to be addressed now specifically. Mainly things dealing with socialization and death of family members.
I just don't really know if I want to pay that money just to see someone right now. I think it could wait but at this point I don't know what to do. The appt is 12:15 on Thursday so I'm on a very limited time frame. I have only corresponded by email so I could email him tonight if I decided to.
My husband won't help me make this decision. He said he doesn't know what's going on in my head but he thinks I've been doing okay lately. He's major issues with the bp but some minor issues with the adhd. Major socialization and death issues but I'm thinking those have waited this long what's another couple months?
Please help.

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Indiaguerita responded:
If you can afford $150, then I say you should keep the appointment.

If you can't afford it right now, then there's no need to spend the money and time on an "intake" appointment...
senistar responded:
It is easy to never make your health a priority. Save 25 dollars a week and reset your appointment for 6 weeks from now.
ebayaddict replied to senistar's response:
If I had to be honest with myself...I cancelled it....not because of money but I'm too chicken to talk to someone face to face....even a stranger.
K_Polar replied to ebayaddict's response:
There are a lot of clinics that will see patients for free, or put you on a budget plan. Know your self worth, and face your fears. I've been where you are...
ebayaddict replied to K_Polar's response:
Ubforutnately in the state I live I am ineligable for any kind of free clinic because I have health care insurance.
The therapist called today with an opening for tommorrow at 2. I agreed so there's no turning back now! Wish me luck.
annaaurora responded:
I know I'm late. Therapy has done wonders for me. I'm in process of grieving, and I am embracing it. Not easy to un-load bagge, you'll be surprised. You just thinking about says to me you're kinda ready. I always left befor I dived too deep. Besides what could it hurt....anna
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