Anybody here taking lamictal???
shania09 posted:
Anyone have a rash on their body that lookws like a allergic reaction to something? And small white bumps like zits, but smaller? Its not the rash u hear about when u first start taking it. I am up to 200mg now. I went to a docs, but they thought it was a staph infection and put me on Cipro. I didn't take it because I have had a staph infection before, and it didn't look like this. I asked Dr G, but he probably won't get back to me intil tormarrow. Anyway thanks ya"ll!!
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midge6869 responded:
Hi Shania, I take 250mg of Lamictal but have never experienced the rash. I'm sorry I cant help you. Please keep us updated.
mommaange1 responded:
I am on 400mg lamictal and never experienced any kind of rash. I would have your pdoc check it out since they will be most familiar with it. How long have you had the rash?? It doesnt sound like what Dr. G described in the past but I could be wrong and dont want to try to diagnose you. I would definately get it checked out though and if it is a staph infection then take those antibiotics. They definately cant hurt.