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    Monday, Bloody Monday Daily Bipolar Post *POSS TRIGGERS*
    BipolarDisorder2 posted:
    Morning, Beepers in Beeper Land Hope everyone has a good day.

    Weather: GROSS. Looks freezing & it's gloomy and windy.

    Sleep: Good, could have done with much less I think..

    Mood: Okay, will get better when I go to work but right now little depressed & anxious. Sad cos I miss my man so much and we are on the 12 day mark of having not been able to talk to him and he promised me 2 weeks, so I'm hoping he will come through....I miss him so much.

    Plans: Work (puppy wuppy play time) 12-5p then home, perhaps with a bottle of wine or something and probably watching 'Julie & Julia' again. I have tomorrow off so likely will also do a lot of writing tonight.
    *hugs* to all the stockpilers.
    BeeRJ responded:
    Beep Beep all....Mood shifting high lately grrrrr.. Weather: better be warm to cold lately.... Sleep: o.k. .......Moood: all over the place .......PLans: taking it low & slow & will play it by ear ...........
    Overcome the angry by non-anger; overcome the wicked by goodness; overcome the miser by generosity; overcome the liar by truth.
    tryforever replied to BeeRJ's response:
    Good morning everyone

    Weather: overcast but not windy

    Sleep: Interrupted (nightmares)

    Mood: 10 being the higest and 1 being the lowest, I am a 5 or 6. I feel level today with a bit of agitation.

    Plans: I have a doctors appt at 2:30 and nothing else planned today so I will have to make sure I go for a walk or organize some things around the house.

    I like the picture you posted BeeJ!

    BipolarDisorder2 replied to BeeRJ's response:
    Thanks for the pic- it's super calming and beautiful....
    bpcookie responded:
    Good morning my Beepers

    Weather: very hot

    Sleep: slept well

    Mood: again my mood will depend on how my asthma is today. I was doing so well for about three days and then it started to sneak up on me on Sat., big time. Last night I was doing one breathing treatment every half an hour.

    Plans: Dentist apt. today, but again it all depends on my asthma. If my asthma is bothering me, then I will have to cancel. Story of my life eh?

    Hope your all doing well. muahs
    If you can't convince them, confuse them. - President Harry S Truman
    mommaange1 responded:
    Hey everyone

    Weather: bright but cold again.I wanna go back go the 70 or 80 degrees

    Sleep: good very good back to 12 hours

    Mood: very good. I love this balance

    Plans: clean. I have dog have every where and it is even on my curtians. My house is a wreck and I have been neglecting it.
    tryforever replied to bpcookie's response:
    I hope your asthma doesnt bother you too much and you can make your appt
    margaroo replied to tryforever's response:
    Good morning my friends!

    Weather: Sunny, but it is supposed to cloud up and rain tonight.

    Sleep: I worked both Sat. and Sun nights, so I am looking forward to a nice nap.

    Mood: Pretty good, it was an easy night at work.

    Plans: After my nap I have to find the million things I have misplaced. Actually, I think there are gremlins on the house hiding things. If I could only train those gremlins to clean.....

    Hugs to all, and a hundred to my Sparkle.

    Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
    HeidiSue3 replied to tryforever's response:
    for nighmares my doctor gave me Porpanalol for nightmares and really works because they accidently took me off of it without my knowledge and all of a suddent I started getting a bunch of nightmares. Then once back on they stopped within a couple of days. Maybe ask your Doc.
    HeidiSue3 responded:
    Good Mid Morning.

    Weather suppossed to rain but overcase
    Sleep Good /Needed more
    Mood. Its a monday work day yuck

    Plans: Get through this work day, go for a walk, help the kiddos with some homework and probably fold some laundry
    tryforever replied to HeidiSue3's response:
    Thank you! I will do that....I'm not sure why I'm getting them but I barely remember them...

    Dyanne48jj replied to BeeRJ's response:
    you have the most awesome pics! I love any and all 'water' elements and nothing beats the ocean. sigh
    I KNOW I am crazy....THAT is what keeps me from going INSANE!!! Oceans and Stars- Dyanne
    Dyanne48jj replied to bpcookie's response:
    Cookie if i give you a lung will that help you breath better??? please advice.

    As far as me..
    Loved the nascar race except my man didnt win. We had recorded Obsessed with Beyonce and watch it late last night, very good movie. She is SO pretty.

    Also guys better not laugh...i managed a long shower and wig washing. That is such a major chore for me w the cfs. We shouldnt take anything for granted I tell ya. Never thought I would dread taking a shower like a 5yo and while in the shower have to 'remind myself' what to do next.

    Weather..yuk and nasty. I want hot, no, I want damn hot and sunshine. I want so much sunshine all of my neighbours are bitching that there is humidity when I think there is none.

    Plans? me? plans. hum. catch up on the posts because I HAVE to stay up to date on my bp family

    hugz to all
    OH...bp2...what about J&J movie with a glass of POP and some popcorn hint hint. hehe ya know i wuv ya girl.
    I KNOW I am crazy....THAT is what keeps me from going INSANE!!! Oceans and Stars- Dyanne
    skypper responded:
    hello's me again...

    so the weather outside appears to be sunny today, though i havent been out or conscious long enough to tell for sure

    mood is better today, but i did just wake up again and am quite groggy

    sleep....rather not talk about it

    plans...well i need to do my chores, this place is a mess and its up to me to get it back to a somewhat civilized level of cleanliness...perhaps after i've downed a pot of coffee or so i'll have the energy...that i have to take to dd to this event later this afternoon//evening, so need to get myself together and look decent by then, been in my pj's for 3 days now
    If you're not afraid to die, why be afraid to live!
    IrwinsLady replied to bpcookie's response:
    hey Cookster, i hope you feel better soon.

    weather is hot, may rain

    sleep: was good slept all day yesterday and all night laast night.

    mood is frustrated because of my new medication Fanapt. im not sure if its the med or coinscendence but my throat is killing me, my nose and ears are all stopped up and some severe dry mouth ;'-(.

    plans: work like this.

    hope everyone is well. hugs.
    -Hi I am outta my mind right now so if you leave a message I will get back to you the minute I claim my sanity back. BEEEEEP!

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