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"Relationship issue" messing with moods *possible triggers*
BipolarDisorder2 posted:
Soo most of youguys know that my 'ex' (who is kind of my current but definitely my mentor) is working in/out of state this summer, and I miss him horrendously...I think about him everyday several times a day. It's starting to make me pretty depressed and irritable, and I'm pretty sure it's not from a 'normal' mood swing. Anyone in the same boat, or have any advice that can help me deal with him being gone, and possible future changes? I can't do this by myself anymore.

Love to all,

tryforever responded:
It is hard to have a friendship long distance, and I'm sorry you are losing a good friend to distance. There is Skype and other things you could do to re-connect when he is away. There really is no right answer to this one but just try to connect in any way on a regular basis and hopefully the summer will go a little quicker than you's cool to send letters in the mail to...noone does that anymore...

hope others have some ideas...

BipolarDisorder2 replied to tryforever's response:
Thanks, TryForever He is going between mountains where he has no technology at all (he can check his email every 2 weeks for an hour....literally), which he LOVES (he'd get rid of his computer if he didn't absolutely need it) but when he's in-state it's pretty hard too....All we really have is email every 2 weeks, it's just really hard to survive without him cos I miss and love him so much..long-distance relationships suck.

Anyway, thanks so much for the sympathy and the ideas i really appreciate it.
tryforever replied to BipolarDisorder2's response:
Oh wow, that makes things alot harder, but not impossible. Maybe the days we spend apart as couples make us grow stronger. I have met couples that have a stronger relationship because they have such separate lives at times. ....distance makes the heart grow fonder...

I have family members that also work for a couple months without seeing each other. I am sure over the years they have come up with some ideas on how to not feel lonely, maybe I will ask them what they do. I will probably get a smarty response like go buy some toys lol....only in my family....

I hope others think of some ideas! This is not an easy one...

BipolarDisorder2 replied to tryforever's response:
It's definitely not an easy one Thanks so much <3
BipolarDisorder2 replied to BipolarDisorder2's response:
My other 'problem' is, do I tell him that I miss him? Do I tell him I'm really having a seriously hard time without him, or is that going to add an extra 'burden' or guilt to his life? I don't want him to be unhappy but I'm like, miserable without him.
bpcookie responded:
Hey sweet heart, yea, long distant relationships do suck. Ive been there. Hubby lived in England and had to finish college before he could move here to be with me. All we had was the telephone and computer. He flew over to see me every three months. But we hung in there and made it work. Now we have been married over 11 yrs.

I think you should tell him that you miss him. Let him know what your going through. You care about him, you miss him and your depressed with out him. I dont think it can hurt to let him know. hugs
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BipolarDisorder2 replied to bpcookie's response:
Thanks, Mama Cookie It does totally suck & he LOVES the break from technology, but I'm really happy he makes it a point to check in with me every two weeks- that's effort with literally an hour once every 2 weeks to check email. He may be old (27 years my senior & I'm 25) but he's amazing.

Off to work, I will be back around to 'mope' later

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