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WolfFaerie posted:
Good Morning Everyone!

Weather: Well it's dark outside but it's suppose to be Very hot 90* and above with Rain showers

Sleep: Uh what is that? Let you know later about it!

Mood: Frustrated enough said

Plans: Go with hubby to get my nails while he does something else. hoping to get up early so that can happen. Come home work on laundry and dishes. Enjoy my kids being home for the summer.

Asthma suffers ~ you're in my thoughts for a good day with few breathing problems that goes for my Emily too!

Hugs for those that want or need one! Peaceful thoughts for everyone too!

Good night/Good morning!
Dyanne48jj responded:
Saluatations peeps,

mood: anxious

I have to go 3.5 hrs to step son to see grkids in a community play. Like debbie i hate 'having to do something, but usually once there its ok'. plus the DIL leads around by the sone around by the nose which frustrates the hell out of me and she is fake and two faced, so you feel like you are on your guard the whole time. seeing our 2 grandsons in a community play will be awesome though. staying over one night. Sun driving 1.5 hrs to my big 'sis' aka SIL, she is AWEsOME and i/we love every moment w here. staying sun and mon night, she has cancer removal from her outter ear on tues at 11am for which we want to be there. then tues afternoon if all goes well, drive the 4 hrs to our daughter's in London for a 'break' and visit w gramma lil baby THen i had previously got this awesome deal on the beach front for my dh for cmas 2 night w meals for less than half price. Well prior to this all happening, i had planned on taking him to the first nascar canadian race, then us staying there. due to the fact the offer expires the 20, i guess now, on tues we need to stay there, and on wed night, hence not getting back home til Thurs. shew. not at all how i had hoped it would go.
I KNOW I am crazy....THAT is what keeps me from going INSANE!!! Oceans and Stars- Dyanne
Dyanne48jj replied to Dyanne48jj's response:
so the race is out (bummer as i have been planning it since last year this time) also dont like our beach visit being rushed and timed around everything else. The trip on tues from the dd to the beach is 1.5 hrs, so no telling what time we will arrive there.

Pllus as you guys know i have CFS and migraines. There is the whole concern those kick in as they so please. example yesterday i had a migraine, few hrs later almost blacked out from bp drop and glucose drop notwithstanding i had eaten properly and rested. also had 3 days of a sore throat w chest pain. Today i had a contraction headache that traveled my entire head and jaw line until it went migraine all over head and thru brow line. i had to take a dissolvalbe which knocked me out, but i woke up w still brow/hair line headache and only other accomplisment i made was doing my nails, toes, packing snacks and beverages. we need to live at 11:30am, i have no clothes, necessities ie shampoo packed, didnt have a shower tonight and the headache still throbs. i feel anxious hence why i came to close down puter and bring my bp fam up to date so you guys can miss me(please) its now 4am-ish.
I KNOW I am crazy....THAT is what keeps me from going INSANE!!! Oceans and Stars- Dyanne
BipolarDisorder2 replied to Dyanne48jj's response:
Morning, Beepers!

Dyanne: Hope the migraines & all hold off for you- enjoy your trip!

Wolf: Hope your kiddos' asthma is under control today Enjoy the manicure, I'm jealous

Weather: Looks like rain, but it's only 8:30am

Sleep: Good, for the first time in a week.

Mood: Okay, I'm SO ready to go home

Plans: Driving home! PSYCHED to see my doggies and be in my own house with my own bed...gonna keep moving so I will checkin later. Oh, and my man is supposed to email me today, it's day 14 and he promised every 2's highly unusual for him to wait so long so I'm praying he's okay Kind of worried....*hugs* to all who want/need them.
minkysmom1 replied to Dyanne48jj's response:
Hi Dyanne,

I'm having an anxiety attack AND a migraine just reading about you're schedule! My goodness girl,that's alot of activities!

I get that way about traveling. I just don't like to be uncomfortable and I worry I won't feel good.

There's a reason there's a song called "Home on the Range!"

Loves to you and missing too,

minkysmom1 replied to minkysmom1's response:
Hi Everyone,

Weather: Foggy. They call it "June Gloom" because every day is like this in June. Personally I like it. Better than scortching heat.

Sleep: Finally,good:

Mood: Tentative.

Plans: Depends where my mood goes. The new meds are pretty sedating. I think that was the point,but I can't ride like this.I'll probably work in the garden and groom the horses that the guys don't take out. Our 2 retired cattle dogs need baths too. They're already hiding!


BeeRJ replied to minkysmom1's response:
Wow, look'it all the early early risers today, coolness makes the morning warmer..... Weather : were back to standard southern Cal. mountain weather almost like winter but temp. is warmer brite blue. and 1 mile closer to heaven as the saying goes up here...Sleep: much better .....Mood: Level.....Plans: work at the Big Bear Choppers poker run till when ever.....then do not know......
Overcome the angry by non-anger; overcome the wicked by goodness; overcome the miser by generosity; overcome the liar by truth.
bpcookie responded:
Good morning my dahlings

Weather: hhhmmmm Az.? Always HOT

Sleep: I slept really well. Thank goodness

Mood: super de duper

Plans: We have a dude coming out to clear the dryer vent/hose thingy, to blow out any lint. We suspect that its full of the stuff. Im going to try my hand at making bread. hahaha. Dont know what it will turn out like. Also will play LOTRO with my hubby and perhaps, if my asthma allows, we will go swimming and drink some ice cold beers. Watch a movie tonight.

I want to thank all of you for always helping me, no matter what Im upset about, you guys always always support me. I love you all very much.

Im so sorry that I havent been replying to many posts. I used to try and reply to every post, but these days it has been so tough for me to do so. But remember, even if I dont reply, Im still thinking of you and wishing you well.

Kisses and hugs to all. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
If you can't laugh at yourself, make fun of other people.
bpcookie responded:
Hey wolf honey, Im so glad that you enjoy your children when they are home. I used to hate it. LOL "go back to school kids". Thank you so much for the good thoughts. hugs
If you can't laugh at yourself, make fun of other people.
bpcookie replied to Dyanne48jj's response:
Dyanne dahling, aaawwwww so sorry that you have that terrible headache. You have fun on your mini vaca. I love the beach. big hugs honey.
If you can't laugh at yourself, make fun of other people.
bpcookie replied to BipolarDisorder2's response:
BD2 daughter, I hope you get that email real soon. Also, stay in doors today if you can. The storm may cause you breathing problems. poor honey. hugs
If you can't laugh at yourself, make fun of other people.
BipolarDisorder2 replied to bpcookie's response:
Thank you, MamaC *hugs* I'm SO glad your mood is SO good today! YAY! There's no rain here at home, (just got home about an hour or so ago) buut it is super humid and there is more dampness in our basement, which likely means more mold, which will put me back ag square one. Oh well.

I'm freaking out right now cos my stud hasn't emailed me and it's day 14, usually he's great about it and will do it at day 12 or 13 but now I'm worried Irrational worry, I know, but still. *hugs*
WolfFaerie replied to BipolarDisorder2's response:

Well I tried a different place to get my nails down, needless to say I'm very upset with the results. I spent $36 for getting my nails down that smeared and very sharp edges (wear contacts). The nail tech hurt me while using one of the filing tools as well. I have to come home and redo my nails. Lesson learned go back to the first place I had my nails done treated better and with respect too.

My hubby bought me a new gas grill which I used to cook our supper on tonite needless to say it was very yummy!


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