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    Magical Monday Bipolar Post....may contain triggers
    minkysmom1 posted:
    Hi Everyone,

    Weather: Sunny. It's chilly this morning outside, but will give way to a warm day. The animals are very frisky because of the chill.

    Sleep: It was ok. Just wish I could get more.

    Mood: I'm alright. Just moving through each day as it comes.

    Plans: Working on many projects around here that have needed tending to. Still not riding,or training til' I'm off these new meds. I see my Doc. again Friday,so we'll see what he wants to do.
    This weekend an out of state friend was really having a rough go of it. We talked on the telephone multiple times a day. I can see her situation clearly,but she can't,so it's rough on her. I know she'll be fine,just having man troubles.


    BipolarDisorder2 responded:
    Morning, Minks

    Weather: Sunny, breezey & 'chilly' but nice.

    Sleep: Good, but woke up feeling icky.

    Mood: Okay/anxious/upset

    Plans: Not sure...hopefully helping my Mom get some stuff done, putting in my resume so I can find a freaking job, and then more worrying (I'm an expert at that) about how my man is going to take the last email I sent him...*sigh* I'm open and honest with him, which we both are with each other, but sometimes it's just hard to tell how he's taking something without seeing his face, and even then I take things the wrong way sometimes...*sigh* We are SO complicated. Ok, I'm done. *hugs* to whoever needs/wants them.
    BeeRJ responded:
    Morning all........ Weather: Warm & blue skies.........................Sleep: Pretty good..........................Mood: O.K. .......................Plans: have callls to make, (planning on getting involved in some case studies) Excerise, maybe do some some work to truck with brother, & have my class today..
    Overcome the angry by non-anger; overcome the wicked by goodness; overcome the miser by generosity; overcome the liar by truth.
    minkysmom1 replied to BipolarDisorder2's response:
    Good Morning to you BD2,

    If I may say,for such a young,bright,lady,you seem way to caught up in "your" man. You should be out enjoying yourself with all of your talents,school,and friends. It's ok that you share everything with this fellow,but be sure it's going to be all the more difficult to extract meaning from an e-mail. Facial expressions and gestures mean the world when you care deeply for someone.

    I love that you're open and honest with him. Keep in mind though that from far away,if you write something that may upset him,he will be frightened and stressed just as you have expressed here. I know you don't want him feeling that way, because you know what it's like,and you care for him so,so much. You wish for his happiness,correct?

    You have a good day,and remember,I'm 52 also. You're age difference isn't what I worry about. It's how you surround your young life with only him.

    Loves to you, and have fun with your Mom,

    Indiaguerita responded:
    Weather: Stormy and cool. Perfect Spring weather.

    Sleep: Decent. Had a few nightmares but nothing that kept me from sleeping pretty decently.

    Mood: Overwhelmed...but borderline happy.

    Plans: This morning have to get caught up with homework. (That's right...homework.) Then after I put my middle little guy on a bus to his Autism therapy, I'm going to start working on a new file for work.

    It's weird...I enrolled in a History course...dreading it and just trying to get credits out of the way...but so far it's the only class I'm taking that is making me do some actual research and I'm lerning so much. I've never been interested in American History...but the things I'm learning are very interesting. I've never worked so hard in my life! (At schoolwork...that is...)

    Hope everyone has a great day. I miss you guys and girls. I know I haven't been around much...but once I get caught up on my daily obligations...I'll spend some more time here. (If you'll have me!)

    mommaange1 responded:
    Hi everyone

    Weather: kinda cool today

    Sleep: very good

    Mood: been kinda anxious. Had to take a pill because I thought I was having a panic attack last night

    Plans: me and dh are celebrating our belated anniversay (6-7-06) at a Brazilian Steak House. Should be fun. Lobster, all you can eat filet and prime rib plus a 200 item smorgasboard and othert cuts of meat. I thinik I better go hungry. It is kinda pricey but we dont buy gifts so I guess we can splurge a little
    BipolarDisorder2 replied to mommaange1's response:
    BeeRJ: Hey buddy! Have an excellent day in class, & enjoy your brother

    Mommaange: Sorry that you had a panic attack, but your buffet sound AMAZING, Happy Anniversary!

    Laura: We love & miss you too!!! OF COURSE we will have you, silly! *hugs*

    Minks: Thanks so much for the compliments and advice, you are too sweet! Completely understand what you are saying, definitely. My relationship with him is complicated, and I wish I had the time & energy to tell youguys teh entire story, buut that'd take days and a lot of emotional energy LOL.

    Anyway, I appreciate your advice and help, I really do I think we/he will be okay with what I told him, but we both prefer (which is impossible at this point due to his lack of work and distance) to talk to face-to-face about anything and everything, which isn't our luxury right now Thanks SO much for taking hte time out to help me!
    minkysmom1 replied to mommaange1's response:
    Congratulations Momma!

    Have a wonderful time at the Steakhouse. Sounds delish!


    minkysmom1 replied to Indiaguerita's response:
    Always good to see you, Laura!

    I've often wanted to take an English class,just never make the effort though. Bravo to you for going through with such a feat. The dread is normal, I think.
    I mean,it's school! I didn't really enjoy my early years of school much. But History. Cool. You'll have to share facts and such with us!


    BeeRJ replied to BipolarDisorder2's response:
    Thanks BD2 I will...Iget were you are coming from with relationship stuff....Can't see my lady and have to redafine,all kinds of stuff, as in (focusing on her ) that is her term,being there at a distance, and other stuff...what a trip. Be good
    Overcome the angry by non-anger; overcome the wicked by goodness; overcome the miser by generosity; overcome the liar by truth.
    BipolarDisorder2 replied to BeeRJ's response:
    Thanks so much for the empathy, BeeRJ Good luck with everything, I know it sucks...and YES, WHAT a trip! You be good too <3
    bpcookie responded:
    Good morning,

    Weather: hot. supposed to get up to 102 degs

    Sleep: slept well up until 3:30 am

    Mood: big time anxiety, depressed and emotional

    Plans: A few chores and then I will probably stay in bed. Its just one of those days when I dont feel like doing anything.

    Yesterday me and Mr. Man (hubby) were discussing the Will that we intend to write and of course, talking about money and who gets what, we got into a big argument. All I want is whats fair for my daughter. Im not doing well today because of all this crap. Im afraid that I will fall into a full blown depression.

    Anyways, take care. muahs
    If you can't laugh at yourself, make fun of other people.
    margaroo replied to bpcookie's response:
    Good morning my friends!

    Weather: Sunny

    Sleep: Good, but I am still a bit groggy. Went to bed at 2 am, which is my norm. My son spent the night, and he is noisy, so I woke up early.

    Mood: OK. I will probably feel better when I wake up.

    Plans: I have to go to work and turn in the note from my doctor and get the form for disability.

    Have a good day, everyone.



    *** Sparkle *** Hope the day gets bettter.

    Mommage, happy belated anniversary. The buffet is a meat lover's dream. My husband could spend hours there.
    Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
    BipolarDisorder2 replied to bpcookie's response:
    Aw, hope your day improves *hugs*
    BipolarDisorder2 replied to margaroo's response:
    Maggie- have a good day Go drink some coffee

    Minks: Just heard from 'him' I think he somehow agrees with you- he told me not to worry so much, and I'm way too young for 'all of that' Ya'll are on the same brainwave! Everything is fine, I'm still going to worry obsessively over him, but, that's how I have been since I've known him. *hugs*

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