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Dont get pregant!
tryforever posted:
Ok....I'm writing to tell ANY women out there (bipolar or not lol) DONT get pregnant!!! Its awful! I feel cranky every day... feel like I want to sleep all the time...and feel like I'm going to puke every second...not very fun...

So...anyone that told you it was a beautiful experience - THEY LIED! I hate it!

Just being honest...

Peace out!
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Yup bipolar or not, getting pregnant is a great way to have a family. The feeling goes away the minute you give birth. And then the real work begins, this is the easy part.
You will feel better as the pregnancy goes on.

Good health to you and that new baby!!
Chrissy~ Life is too short, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly. Author Unknown
BipolarDisorder2 replied to Chris_WebMD_Staff's response:
LOL! I'm nowhere near ready or interested in getting pregnant, but I'm TERRIFIED of being seriously! LOL Esp with this 'disorder' thing we all have going, IDK what's gonna happen....I'm gonna lose it, that's what's gonna happen...lose it worse than I have now
skypper responded:
i'm with you g/f!!! i HATED being pregnant, all those things you mention and then you don't even fit into your OWN clothes anymore!!! not fun!!! i had a friend who freaking loved being prego and she made me sick! LOL, and then after your boobs get all milky and drip and hurt cuz they're so full of stupid milk like you're a freaking dairy cow, OMG...ick...ugh...blah....nehhhhhh!!!! *shudders* seriously i did it 3 times and that is MORE than enough for this lifetime
If you're not afraid to die, why be afraid to live!
skypper replied to skypper's response:
oh and ps, btw, SLEEP, sleep all you can NOW cuz once the baby comes, you probably won't get that kind of sleep for a good 5 years or so...just sayin...
If you're not afraid to die, why be afraid to live!
Anneinside responded:
I had the opposite experience. Pregnancy was the healthiest I have ever been. I had morning sickness twice, threw up, and then felt better in under 30 seconds. I loved being pregnant, wish I could have done it more than once. Even delivery was easy for me with a 3 hour labor and no need for pain medicine. I was made to have a baby in the field, get up and start hoeing the crops again. LOL
casa222 replied to Anneinside's response:
LOL. The dairy cow comment had me rolling. I've had mixed feelings with pregnancy. Mentally I felt fantastic because of the anticipation of having a new baby. Physically I was miserable especially toward the end. I couldn't waddle around the grocery store without taking a break. I told my husband when we are done having kids he is getting himself snipped cuz I'm not having my tunes tied after doing all the hard work.
MommyBarch replied to casa222's response:
Even though my two pregnancies were hard on me b/c of having to be off my(bi polar 2 & manic dep.) meds. I'm glad I had them; b/c they help me everyday in being motivated to keep going. Somedays it's still hard to want to do anything and not letting anger,anxitey, and stress. But just one kiss,hug and smile from them reminds me what innocent kids they are and how they deserve for me to be my best. Some days are harder than others (even w/ meds.). I am lucky to have a 5 yr. old who tells me "it's ok Mom, take ur head med. & u will be better". The love that they show me helps me remember to take meds. and to try to control my episodes. Or to stop an episode faster than normal b/c I'm a role model, even if somedays they r y I am feeling crazier.

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