Severe Rapid Cycling Bipolar & ADHD , Intense Panic Attacks
doxielover10 posted:
Dear Dr. G,

I used to get some pretty bad panic attacks which seemed to come and go. A few months ago I arrived DEAD ON ARRIVAL IN COMPLETE RENAL FAILURE WITH A LITHIUM TOX LEVEL OF 9..I checked my levels every four weeks and 2 weeks before this disaster my levels were 1.0.- To this day we have no idea what triggered the lithium. Last week I was diagnosed with RA..

I have always been somewhat jumpy but I completed all of my education, Rode horses all around the world in competitive jumping. I have every license you can have in swimming, I lived right up the street on Madison from Mt. Sinai. and worked on Wall Street. We believe I have been bipolar since I was 11..

My hugest concern is that after the renal failure, it seems that my life has gone down the drain. I had to quit my job, got disability and sat at home. The anxiety and/or panic attacks started about 2 years ago. I have been going through a lot and I could never find an adequate medication.

It seems as if the older I get more dreadful disorders appear.. I had to have surgery on a gland in my neck which was done at MD Anderson Hospital, the whole thing turned into a horrific mess. About 5 days of being home, I woke up one morning and I WAS COVERED AND I MEAN COVERED WITH HUGE ROUND OPEN BLOODY SORES.

I had the sores biopsied , which came back as simplex chronicus due to extreme anxiety, three months later I still have the sores . I feel like I'm vibrating all the time, I keep having on and off not sleeping for 3 or 4 days which is not bipolar friendly.I have changed completely since the renal failure, everyone is just amazed. Now I want to go into a hole and just be left alone. Am I a wackjob with a 167 IQ.

The lithium also evaporated my thyroid but I had taken every drug on the market and I was given the option of ECT or lithium and I was just so scared of the ECT, I fought kicking and screaming to take lithium.

Is my life over ? I will not go anywhere except to my doctor's office and I've gotten so jumpy I just stay in my room.

I would like to know what you thin ?


I am just shaking all the time now , is there hope for me ?
IrwinsLady responded:
im sorry you have gone through all of that i really am. i may not have any advice or insight but i just want you to know that there IS always hope.
-Sick of it all. I wish it would all disappear!