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doxielover10 posted:
I NEED HELP !!! It's finally been confirmed, I have had a serious mental and emotional breakdown. I shake so badly I cannot hold a fork, hold a pen ,or anything else that requires manual dexterity, my speech is seriously affected.

I have been ORDERED by my doctor that this is very serious and I absolutely must stay home and try and relax which I have no idea how to do. For years every muscle in my body has been so tight that once the meds kicked in and I could feel my muscles relaxing I was in disbelief. I have a terrible problem with speech , everyone thinks I've had a stroke. My entire body is shaking so much I can barely walk and I've fallen a few times.

The problem I have is that I'm a MAJOR TYPE A PERSONALITY. I just cannot wrap my mind around not running around. I have total confidence in my doctor and if he says this could turn into a bigger nightmare I started reading everything I could find about this type of recovery with no results.

Can anyone give me some ideas on how to use my time without leaving home. I would greatly appreciate it.

bpcookie responded:
Hey Alison hun, Im really very sorry that your dealing with this. I can only imagine how you must feel.

Perhaps you can start a garden? Flowers or vegies. Doing something like that, you dont have to be worried about your hands shaking, you dont have to worry about your speech, and you will benefit from being out in the sun light. The sun shine should cheer you up a bit.

Just take things slow and easy. No reason to be in a hurry.
If people think Bipolars are crazy, then show them we really are. Just go up to somebody on the street and say "You're it!" and just run away!!
spinnato responded:
I am a total TYPE A and have been ordered into the house for 2 years. I cleaned and cleaned everything in sight, reorganized closets, finally got around to donating those old clothes and toys, and got WAY to involved in Facebook. All that took about 2 weeks and I was bored to tears.

(I'm an agoraphobic as well as bi-polar.)

After that was done, I decided to write down a list of stuff I wanted to do but couldn't because I was working. I found that I enjoy animals. So, I fostered a litter of kittens from ASPCA. It added some structure to my day (feedings, ect.) and gave me the feeling that I acomplished something. A LOT of non-profits could use your help putting together fliers or other mailings. Or, maybe you are more creative than me. I have an agoraphobic friend who makes soaps and other body products to sell on her espy store. Another friend makes scrapbooks and sells in her espy store, like the kind you add your own pictures too Or, you could take a class online like photography or spanish. The key is to find something you love and structure that into your day.

I hope you feel better soon.
Anneinside responded:
I hope that you are doing better. Did your doctor actually give you a diagnosis? (mental and emotional breakdown is not a psychiatric diagnosis. Although it conveys your pain, it isn't useful in getting the correct treatment.)

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