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Mayhem Monday Post -- May Trigger
bptwin posted:
Let's get this party started my fellow beepers!!

Weather -- hot, hot, hot

Sleep -- Excellent -- 8 consecutive hours -- woo hoo!!

Mood -- Good

Plans -- Off to work, really need to get a lot done in the next few weeks. I hired a temp to help me and hope it goes well

Life is on an upswing, everyone got a bonus at work, my twin sister is coming to visit next week, and I'm spending a lot of time with the previously mentioned "geeky" guy.

I'm starting to like this guy a lot -- unfortunately, I am so GREEN when it comes to relationships that it is a quite stressful. This weekend I did a complete "no-no"...I disclosed my bipolar condition, and I'd only known him for 2 weeks. But, it turned out to be a really good move. I was getting super anxious and I couldn't sleep and he definitely picked up on it. So we sat down and had a talk. He was uncomfortable at several points, but then he shared about his own bout with depression and asked several questions.

The rest of the weekend went SO much better. I was much much much more relaxed and we had a great time. He even made lobster for dinner on Sunday! So, we have plans to see each other soon. We have a lot of fun together and I just want to enjoy it and not worry about how long it will last

PS -- I will now refer to him as just "G" (his name starts with a G), instead of, "geeky."
bpcookie responded:
Hello beepers,

Weather is hot and muggy

Sleep was good

Mood happy

Plans: gonna avoid sitting on my comp chair so I will be using my iPad instead. I don't want my woman area to hurt tonight. We are going to r.l. Tonight. Bptwin Hun sounds like your so happy. I'm exited for ya. Muaaahhh
Live everyday like it was your last, and eventually you'll be right.
ddnos responded:
Good morning, troopers!

Weather - 56 and cloudy, but supposesd to get to 75 - lovely!

Sleep - good, but only 4 hrs, so went back to sleep on couch after up a half hour and slept for 2 hrs, and now I'm wide awake. Taking provigil was a necessity this morning!

Mood - pretty good

Plans - too many that I don't know which to choose. lol One thing that I think I'm getting really close to finally doing is calling Cathes husband/doctor to let him know of my concerns. This week it will have been 4 weeks since she talked with me about having a FMRI on my brain and said she would get back to me. I have reminded her once in between, but she has still dropped the ball. There are also several other like incedents that I will share with him so that he doen'st think this is a fluke thing (though even if it were, it's still not good) If I do it, what i would have to do is call them, ask to go to his voice mail, and then wait for him to return my call; which means I would have to stay home until he calls. More than likely, he would call me back during his lunch break. I have butterflys in my tummy just thinking about it. I haven't made the call yet, so no praises until I actually do! lol

Bptwin - best wishes to you with your new relationship!

Cookie - be healed, girl! You know if I could just say the word and it would happen, I'd of said it a long time ago; but I lost my special healing wand! Darn! I hope you are physically comfortable tonight for your dinner!

Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
BeeRJ responded:
Weather: warm brite breeze................Sleep: rough but refreshed................Mood: o.k....................plans: lay low, streach, go to class, misc.............................
Overcome the angry by non-anger; overcome the wicked by goodness; overcome the miser by generosity; overcome the liar by truth.
minkysmom1 replied to BeeRJ's response:
Okey Dokey,I'll try to post again.

Hi Everyone,

BeeRJ,so nice to see you. As always,thank you for the beautiful picure.

bptwin,so glad things are going well with he who shall now be called"G."

Weather: Fog with sun breaking through,right now. ugh!

Sleep: Stayed up late. Woke up too early.

Mood: I'm better today.

Plans: We rented some goats. Yes,rented. They are working to clear away pastures that aren't hospitable for cattle. They come with a Great Pyranese Dog. He's the leader and guides them and protects them.He is so huge. He's as big as our mini horses! The goats brought some of they're kids. They are so darn adorbs and make the cutest little "meep meep" sound. I want to just kiss 'em,but we're not to go where they are because they are "working." We aren't supposed to interact with the Dog either,because he is "on the job."

I'm ending this because my computer is acting strange,


bpcookie replied to bpcookie's response:
Our dinner is paid for tonight. Oh yea. My hubby and others at his job went on a diet and every month they are weighed to see who lost the most, the winner gets $85 and my baby won. wwwwooootttttt. Lobster for me and steak for hubby tonight. oh yea
Live everyday like it was your last, and eventually you'll be right.
margaroo replied to bpcookie's response:
Good morning my friends!

Weather: Very nice for August

Sleep: I didn't get my after-work nap until 4 pm, so I slept a good portion of the evening and 9 more hours at night. This is the best sleep I have had in weeks. Both my kids were visiting and even though they were gone all day and evening, I love them being here.

Mood: Pretty good. I want to get so much done, but the body is still aching, so I have have to put limits on myself. My moods are more positive when I accomplish something. This is not a good thing because I just can't match what I used to do. I wish I could get over that.

Plans: Today is my son's birthday. I don't' know what we are doing because it is totally up to him and he is unpredictable. All I know is that he wants to eat mass quantities of fish. You can go broke feeding that guy!

Sending hugs to every one, and double hugs to those who need a little extra. You know who you are.


Debbie - I'll be waiting for your answer!
Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
Dyanne48jj responded:
BPTWIN said "....I was getting super anxious and I couldn't sleep and he definitely picked up on it."

GUUUURL forget that story, if he noticed you couldnt sleep then that means you were hitting the sheets and getting your freakon.
THAT is the story we want to hear about.
woot woot our lil bptwin got laid!

No wander she was all woot woot w the daily post! She has NEVER posted first!
I KNOW I am crazy....THAT is what keeps me from going INSANE!!! Oceans and Stars- Dyanne
Dyanne48jj replied to minkysmom1's response:
ohhhhhhhhhhh minky, i know i say this over and over, but man i love your world.
thank you for the burst-out in laughter for this city girl when i read 'rented some goats'.
lmao for real
wugz and hugz to you!
I KNOW I am crazy....THAT is what keeps me from going INSANE!!! Oceans and Stars- Dyanne
IrwinsLady responded:
howdy everyone,

weather: warm and may rain yay

sleep: really good

mood: great a little geekin it today, thanks to my new med Klonopin.

plans: work today as usual. relax and get along the best i can. then go home and sleep some more.

Cookie: yummy on the lobster. the only way i can have t is if i down two Benedryl before lol.
The voices in my head and my 2 imaginary friends got into a fight and I had to break it up by hitting my head on the wall and telling then CALM YOUR ASSES DOWN! ( my friend posted this on fb)
bptwin replied to Dyanne48jj's response:
Sharon is doubled over with laughter!! Yes I'm guilty of gettin my groove on
IrwinsLady replied to bptwin's response:
alright giddy giddy goo bptwin
The voices in my head and my 2 imaginary friends got into a fight and I had to break it up by hitting my head on the wall and telling then CALM YOUR ASSES DOWN! ( my friend posted this on fb)
WolfFaerie responded:
Good Evening Everyone!

Weather: Hot sprinkled with rain showers

Sleep: Alright except for migraine pain

Mood: Still confused and depressed

Plans: I got my B12 shot for the month which produce another spike of migraine pain that has lasted for hours. I took a nap but still didn't help. Therapy tomorrow maybe that will help I don't know at this point.

Hugs if you want/need one!
Confused Wolf

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